Giants Closer A Former Child Star?

I don’t want a large farva, I want a godd*$% liter o’ cola! Does that look like spit to you?

After scooping up the newly appointed Giants closer on waivers, I ran across a different movie reenactment than the one above.

It appears that either Santiago Casilla is a natural reenactment actor or he previously went by the name of Thomas Ian Nicholas and had a friend who enjoys warm apple pie.

Check out this clip from the former child star of Rookie of the Year:

That looked very similar to Henry Rowengartner’s at-bat from Fox’s Rookie of the Year:

Casilla had no intention of lifting that bat off his shoulder. He barely even had both feet in the batter’s box. Yet, the opposing pitcher couldn’t find a wide open strike zone. If Casilla is going to replace “The Beard” and his friend The Machine, Casilla better work on instilling fear instead of showing fear.

This post is also a disclaimer to all those fantasy baseball managers out there… go add Santiago Casilla, not Sergio Romo.

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