Who’s Up for a Joyful Jog Through the Quad?

After you get done watching Bear Grylls throw the high heat (literally), it’s time to discuss this year’s streaking session.

Have you ever asked, “How could I retire early and spend all of my Spring, Summer, and Fall days watching baseball?”

Well, The Commish has an answer for you… get a hit streak longer than Joe DiMaggio. “But I don’t play professional ball,” you may reply. Well, The Commish has an answer to that as well… head over to MLB.com and play Beat the Streak. The first person to accumulate 57 hits (1 more than DiMaggio’s record) receives $5.6 Million.

The concept is simple: Pick a player each day. If that player gets a hit, your hit streak increments by 1. If he fails to get a hit, you go back to 0. It’s that simple, Or is it. Since 2001, no one has achieved this feat. Someone reached 49 in 2007, which is 5 more than Pete Rose’s NL record. But that could change this season. MLB.com implemented a new rule. You can pick 2 players per day and increase your streak by 2. If either player fails to get a hit, your streak goes back to 0. I say, no guts, no glory.

MLB.com is also giving away monthly prizes and prizes for teams achieving a hit streak longer than 30. So there isn’t a reason not to play.

So head over to MLB.com/BeatTheStreak and register. After you register make sure you add yourself to the KingsOfCork group on the Beat the Streak picks page.

Group Name:KingsofCork
Password: peterose

The goal is to have someone from our group show that we don’t only dig the long ball, but long streaks as well. Let’s bring home the prize!

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