What does $240 Million Look Like?

So what does $240 Million look like? It looks something like this:

Except in an Angels uniform, in a non-World Series dugout…

The point is that Albert Pujols finally got a night off from the Angels’ lineup. It took 108 At-Bats, 21 Hits, a 0.194 BA, and ZERO home runs. Maybe Pujols is in a slump. The worst slump of his life. I know Cardinal fans don’t miss him. Or maybe Pujols is proving a point. That if he is going to get paid less than last season, he will preform less than last season. About 1/4 less ($16 Mill to $12 Mill). So expect 1/4 less hits, 1/4 less home runs, 1/4 less RBI… A line that looks something like: 0.224 BA, 77 Runs, 27 HR, and 74 RBI.

Or Pujols only needs a night off (Coach told him to not touch a single bat) before he starts mashing on the West Coast… time will only tell.

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