Not Dunn Yet!!

It may be the 80’s for Milwaukee, but Adam Dunn is playing like its not 2011.

Let me remind all of the Adam Dunn owners in the HR derby last season just how bad he was in 2011:

415AB, 11HR, 42RBI, 0.159BA

Now let me remind everyone how good Adam Dunn was in years prior to 2011:

7 straight seasons of 38+ HR and 92+ RBI

I vividly remember sitting at a local watering hole in March talking baseball with a few friends. And I happened to mention that Adam Dunn would be placed in Group B of the Home Run Derby for 2012. I was then spoon fed arguments on why Dunn shouldn’t even be in Group E and how neither of them would pick Dunn if he was forced to be on every HR Derby team this season.

Well, take a look at him now. The Donkey (yes, that’s his nickname) already has more RBI than last season and twice as many Home Runs. In fact, he is now leading the ENTIRE MLB in home runs with 23 as of tonight’s homer. Someone has finally caught Josh Hamilton. And Dunn doesn’t seem to be slowing as he’s on pace for 58 homers and 130+ RBI (both would be career highs).

Adam Dunn is now exhibit A on why no one should hold one season of bad performance against a player. So congratulations to our two HR derby teams who picked the MVP of the Derby this so far this season, The Wet Bats and Touchdown Kings.

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