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Three Starts to the Win-d

While you are looking for your missing $200 Million, baseball picks back up where it left off after a 4 day hiatus. And if you are looking for a game to watch Friday, tune into the Brewer game to witness history.

You don’t need to watch the entire game. In fact, if the Brewers continue to play like they have recently, I wouldn’t stay tuned in past the 3rd.

But what happens Friday at 7pm CT will be the first in 95 years. No it’s not the Pirates starting in 1st place after the All-Star break (that’s only been 15 years). For the first time in 95 years, a pitcher will start 3 consecutive games in the same season. The last player to achieve the feat… Red Faber on Sept 4, 1917.

Red started both games of a double header on September 3rd for the White Sox and then started again on the 4th. This was back in the period where pitchers threw nearly 400 innings in a single season. Babe Ruth pitched 326 innings that 1917 season.

This Friday, Greinke takes the mound for the 3rd straight game for the Brewers. But he may have a two small asterisks next to him in the record book. The first one is for the fact that his 3 consecutive games happened across the All-Star break. Thus, his 3 games spanned across 7 days. The second asterisk comes from the number of pitches Greinke threw in his first game. He threw… four.

Last Saturday, Greinke was ejected from his start after only 4 pitches for getting frustrated on a close call at first base. So he took the mound Sunday where the home plate umpire was the same ump to eject him from Saturday’s game at first base. The ump may have been trying to prove a point as Greinke labored through 3 innings and 66 pitches.

And unlike Red Faber who won all three of his games in 1917, Greinke is trying to win his first game out of his 3 starts.

Get ready Kings of Cork fans for an exciting second half. If your team is within 15 homers, your team has a very legitimate shot at winning the entire season. Those further than 15 back aren’t out, your team just needs to get some hott bats over the next 2.5 months.

Congrats to our first half leader, Grand Salami’s, who had a big run to overtake our previous leader before the All-star break. More importantly, congrats to our month of June winner, Bang Biscuit. His team mashed 35 homers in June (tying the Grand Salami’s) and had the fewest At-Bats required to reach that number.

Now we can all focus on July and get ready for the exciting trade deadline that is closing in fast.

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Prince Crowned King for Second Time

Did we all enjoy the show? This is what our site plays for. But instead of 1 day, we live for this 185 days of the year.

Mr Prince Fielder becomes the first multiple season HR Derby winner to win the competition as both a member as the National League and the American League. Prince started off slow but thanks to both of the team captains (who combined for 1 total home run), Prince qualified for round two and then lit off the fireworks.

Thanks to Prince who hit 11 homers in the final two rounds (and team Wet Bats), I’ll be enjoying a 6-pack and fish fry. Although rumor is it may be some Mountain Creek ( and Tilapia. Baseball side bets always make the greatest game even greater.

Prince became the first player to win the event both as an American and National leaguer. And now he remains only 1 win away from tying the all-time Derby Champion leader… the Kid, the great Ken Griffey Jr.

Fielder didn’t only win the 2012 HR Derby, he blasted the longest home runs out of any player this year… five longest and probably had 9 of the top 10 furthest. Granted, Kemp and Cano only combined for 1 HR. And Cano got a very harsh welcome to the midwest (he was booed more than Fielder in Arizona when he failed to select Justin Upton last year at Chase field).

I’ve got nothing to say about Kemp, but I do have a question for the rest of the ‘fans’ who voted him into the All-star game… Are you happy?

Can’t wait for the second half of the season. And root, root for the National League tomorrow in the All-Star game!

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Vote Matt Kemp For Prom King

Really? Really?! Are baseball ‘fans’ really back in high school? Where popularity contests decide every outcome important to a hormone raging teenage girl.

Did baseball fans, once again, get too much authority and go on a power trip? I think so.

Folks, lets meet our National League All-Star Game starting outfielders: Carlos Beltran, Melky Cabrera, and Matt Kemp. (See the rest of the players voted in by the fans here)

Ok, let’s play our favorite Sesame Street game: Which one isn’t like the others? Cue the music and the timer… Ready?! GO!

Time’s up. The answer is Matt Kemp.

Don;t get me wrong. Matt Kemp is an outstanding and phenomenal ball player. With the numbers he was putting up in the first two months of the season, he was on his way to another MVP caliber season (we will revisit that MVP word later).

BUT Matt Kemp has played in 1 game since May 13th. ONE… and he doesn’t plan on playing until after the All-Star game (but he will attempt to hit homers in the HR Derby).

Him getting voted into the starting lineup of the All-Star game is like hiring a plumber who has to borrow your tools. It’s like crapping in a toilet that doesn’t flush. It’s like wiping before you poop… it just doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes shit happens. Sometimes a player lands on the DL just prior to the All-Star Game or just prior to the conclusion of the All-Star election. But a player making the starting lineup who has only played in One Game since May 13 is just ludicrous.

My assumption is that the casual baseball fans saw the name “Matt Kemp” on a ballot. That name triggered their frontal lobe which corresponded to the memory of the numbers Matt Kemp put up in the first month of 2012. Or the numbers Matt Kemp put up in 2011when he was ‘snubbed’ his MVP trophy by a steroid using Ryan Braun.

The results of the All-Star vote further cements the idea that most of baseball believes Ryan Braun is guilty of using steroids. Despite the fact that Ryan Braun is on pace to put up even better numbers than his 2011 MVP campaign where he had protection from the bigger pair of pants bat owned by Prince Fielder.

Or maybe this is the fans’ way of disputing the 2011 MVP results where many believed Matt Kemp was more deserving of the award. Even though the Dodgers failed to make the playoffs. Even though Braun’s Brewers made it the furthest run into the playoffs than the organization has gone in 20 prior seasons. To me, that is an MVP. A player who leads a winning team. Not a player who leads a losing team. Not a player who argues with management or owners.

I enjoy the idea that fans get to vote to acknowledge and award the best players in each league. But abusing this privilege will just lead to baseball communism where the league will choose the privileged players (just see what happened with ESPN’s best MLB stadium vote).

Maybe it’s time to give the power to the baseball experts. Maybe in order to reach the All-Star game a player must be voted in by baseball analysts (hopefully I would qualify). Or maybe the power should be given directly to the players. They would have enough common sense and knowledge to vote in the most deserving players. It would remind me of little league where your team voted which players should go to the little league All-Star game.

The 2012 All-Star Game isn’t the first time this has happened. It happens every season. Maybe this Brewer fan is more frustrated this season because Ryan Braun got snubbed from the starting lineup by the fans that have turned their backs on what will someday be one of baseball’s greats. But other fans should be upset too (Anyone a Rockies fan… CarGo got snubbed by the fans and many others didn’t deserve the starting spot above other players).

So I beg of you so-called baseball ‘fans’, don’t take one of our greatest benefits of being a fan away. Don’t crap in a toilet that doesn’t flush. In the future, vote for players that aren’t on the DL.

Thanks for this consideration.

The Kings of Cork Commish