Prince Crowned King for Second Time

Did we all enjoy the show? This is what our site plays for. But instead of 1 day, we live for this 185 days of the year.

Mr Prince Fielder becomes the first multiple season HR Derby winner to win the competition as both a member as the National League and the American League. Prince started off slow but thanks to both of the team captains (who combined for 1 total home run), Prince qualified for round two and then lit off the fireworks.

Thanks to Prince who hit 11 homers in the final two rounds (and team Wet Bats), I’ll be enjoying a 6-pack and fish fry. Although rumor is it may be some Mountain Creek ( and Tilapia. Baseball side bets always make the greatest game even greater.

Prince became the first player to win the event both as an American and National leaguer. And now he remains only 1 win away from tying the all-time Derby Champion leader… the Kid, the great Ken Griffey Jr.

Fielder didn’t only win the 2012 HR Derby, he blasted the longest home runs out of any player this year… five longest and probably had 9 of the top 10 furthest. Granted, Kemp and Cano only combined for 1 HR. And Cano got a very harsh welcome to the midwest (he was booed more than Fielder in Arizona when he failed to select Justin Upton last year at Chase field).

I’ve got nothing to say about Kemp, but I do have a question for the rest of the ‘fans’ who voted him into the All-star game… Are you happy?

Can’t wait for the second half of the season. And root, root for the National League tomorrow in the All-Star game!

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