Another Season Older… Another Suppan Sighting

Those of you who either know me well or have followed the HR Derby from the 2010 inception know their is one MLB player I loathe (only because of the contract he received from Milwaukee and his performance on that contract). His name… Jeff Suppan.

And what would be a Kings of Cork season without another Jeff Suppan sighting leading to another Jeff Suppan post. This story has a little more truth behind it than the last Suppan seeking second job story.

For those of you who don’t keep close tabs on Suppan and his whereabouts, he was part of the Royals farm system in 2011. He followed that up with a brief stint with the Padres 2012 big league team recording 6 outings (1 quality and 2 wins) netting a 5.28 ERA. In 2013, he has not seen any offer he likes more than… running for congress?

The GOP needs someone in California, so why not Suppan? He’s already used to the pay of a politician and he has the same performance as a politician on that pay. Just take a look at his 2007-2010 stats with the Brewers $40M salary for those 4-years. I rest my case and will vote for Suppan for congress and 2016 president.

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