A-Rod Collecting Roid Memorabilia Since 2013

What’s this, a Double Feature on Kings of Cork?! Two new posts in one day (you can thank wisdom teeth).

This second post deserves a quick post because there appears to be a new trend in collecting. Most athletes like to collect their own memorabilia of important milestones (first hit, first HR, first win, etc). Some athletes even steal their memorabilia for their own collecting (or possibly selling for quick cash). And then some athletes don’t adjust to the retired scene very well and end up having to sell their memorabilia.

But A-Roid A-Rod is starting a new trend…
collecting steroid allegation documents.

Now this is only a rumor so take it with a grain of salt. There has been no evidence confirming the rumors of Alex Rodriguez purchasing the Biogenesis documents, but this could be a huge blow to A-Rod, the Yankees, and Major League Baseball.

The idea that a player accused of using illegal substances in the MLB can buy the documents or pay off an employee to destroy the documents makes me want to puke (except for the idea that maybe Braun is safe for another year). The game has already been tarnished by the Steroid Era (although I’m sure it will be forgotten just like the Amphetamines Era) and this could ruin any believe of baseball returning as America’s Favorite Past Time. It won’t effect a lot of opinions in the US about baseball among the diehards, but will certainly effect others’ opinions.

We are in a wait and see period similar to the Braun Trials last season. But if I were 1 of the 100’s of players who have been rumored to be part of the Biogenesis report, I would be sending A-Rod some thank you cards, maybe some gifts, maybe some deer antler spray, or maybe some prosthesis extremities or directions to the Fountain of Youth.

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