AA: MiLB Gimmicks Are Back

It’s been a while since there was an Audience Augmenter post, so let’s bring at least one back in 2013…

While you are catching up on your Sandlot Retrieval Skills, here are some interesting Minor/Independent League promotions that you may want to road trip to experience:

  1. Lennay Kekua Bobblehead Night – You may be asking yourself ‘Who is Lennay Kekua?’. Well, you aren’t alone because the entire US was asking that same question in January when Manti Te’o announced his deceased girlfriend had called him in December. Her name: Lennay Kekua. And what followed was a confession of a year long hoax about the girlfriend being fake and the voice being a mans… So what does the Florence Freedom marketing department think about this whole National Event? How can we capitalize on this… The answer:Lennay Kekua Bobblehead Night. That’s right, the first 1,000 fans through the gates will get a Lennay Bobblehead, which of course is an empty box. But it doesn’t end there, an entire section will be kept reserved for fans and their imaginary significant others. Two seats for the price of one, but only one person allowed. And to top it all off, there will be a kiss cam roaming this section as well. So mark your calendars for May 23rd so you can be one of the lucky fans that get the collectible of the year. I wonder how much one could sell said bobblehead autographed by Te’o for on Ebay?
  2. Urinal Gaming System Cures Awkward Stare – The Queens of Cork will need to use your imagination on this one… All you guys know that awkward moment when someone ponies up to the urinal next to yours and you have to make that decision. Are you going to strike up a conversation or are you going to stare straight forward at the bare off white colored brick? Well fellow urinal users fear not because the Leigh Valley Iron Pigs have a solution. The Urinal Gaming System. It’s time to stop simply flushing your recycled beer down the drain and start using it to maneuver your skier around gates, put out burning buildings, or answer trivia questions. The best part is you get to see how your score compares to your fellow pee’rs after the game. Bring it on PinBalls Hero.
  3. Fans Will Be Fined $1 For Improper Spelling Of Team Name – The A’s Triple-A affiliate, The Sacramento River Cats, have officially warned the media, it’s employees, and it’s fans. If you even dare spell the team name without a space or with a lower case ‘r’ or ‘c’, you are subject to a fine… of $1. I will not post any examples as I can’t afford the fine, so if you wan’t to know what is acceptable or not, check out their press release. Don’t worry, hand written notes, text messages, and tweets are not subject to penalties.

Got any other interesting promotions that I should mark as a stop on a baseball road trip, let me know about them in the comments below.

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