AA: We The Jury Find The Runner… Safe!

Who needs instant replay when you can have a jury?

That’s just what the St Paul Saints intend to find out on May 11th in a game against the Gary South Shore Railcats. In fact, they are getting rid of all umpire’s and replacing them with two judges and two juries.

No, the jury will not be selected through “random draw” like typical jury duty. In fact, all the jury members will be minors… yes, minors. They will be made up of 24 little leaguers (12 for each jury, 1 jury for each team) and replace the base umpires.

The home plate umpire will be replaced by a ‘judge’. It will still be a usual umpire, but be dressed in the typical black robe. However, he will not call balls and strikes from his usual position. Instead, he will stand behind the pitcher and call the game (seen in a Brewers spring training game this year, and reminiscent of the 19th century).

The juries will rotate half-innings and majority rule will decide the runners’ fates. A tie will not go to the runner, instead the judge will break the tie.

But this gets even better, not only will there be a judge on the field, but the fans will also have a judge in the stands that they can take their objections to. Which could turn out to be the best/worst idea if the boozers show up for the game.

This game should be marked on everyone’s road trip calendars because you will get the most game for your buck in this one. Not only will you get to watch 6 hours of baseball, but it also means beer sales ending in the top of the 8th inning won’t occur until 4.5 hours after game start. Please refer to the boozers link above for history that may repeat itself.

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  1. Matt says:

    I’m up for a road trip.