E = M(Group C)^2

The NL Central Standings may look like a Little League Division after the first few days, but the 2013 HR Derby Standings look anything but the NL Central. So let’s recap the first week of the HR Derby and all Home Run related news from the first week of the MLB 2013 season.

Chris Davis became just the fourth MLB player to start the season by homering in the first FOUR games of the season. Only one team gambled on Chris Davis (not Khris Davis) this season (Attention V-Mart Shoppers) after he helped Danny Almonte and the Bronx Bombers with the 2012 Home Run Derby Runner-Up honors.

Michael Morse is taking his ‘Beast Mode’ from the Capital city to the West Coast. He is currently leading all AL players in home runs. He hasn’t seen his cavernous home park yet but the good news is the fences are being moved in. The Commish is the only team to take him in 2013 since I owe him for my third place finish in 2011. Which is where my team currently sits after a week of baseball.

Justin Upton seems to be liking the change of scenery in 2013. After 24 teams chose him in the 2012 HR Derby and cursed his name at the end of the season (seriously, 17 total HR after hitting 31???), only 5 teams gambled on him in 2013. And of those 5, four of the teams are in the top-10 after the first week. That’s because Upton has an NL leading 5 home runs in his first 6 games. Our top two teams, The Big Stinkey and Flying Aces, both own Upton and are only missing home runs from their Group B players to date.

Bryce Harper had a great Opening Day by hitting not one but TWO solo home runs to give the Nationals a 2-0 win for Strasburg. And 4 games later, he hit another home run to bring his total to 3 through the first week. I was skeptical of his ability and almost placed him in Group D, but decided last minute he could be lumped in Group C. It’s a good thing I moved him up a Group.

Almost all the power of the early 2013 season is coming from Group C (Morse, Upton, Davis, Harper), but there are two other players earning shoutouts after the first 7 days of baseball. First is Will Middlebrooks. Who wouldn’t be in this column if it weren’t for his 3-HR day today. Yes, 3 dingers and almost had a 4th by flying out to the warning track. Only 1 team owns Middlebrooks in the 2013 HR derby, which isn’t surprising since he was a write-in for Group E. If Middlebrooks continues his pace, The Clown Questions will be closer to the top of the standings by the end of the 2013 season (his team jumped 49 spots today). The Second is Mark Reynolds. Group A has been pretty pathetic so far in the 2013 HR Derby. Stanton, Cabrera, and Hamilton have 0. Bautista has 2 but has a sprained ankle. Prince has 2 as well but hit both of them in the same day. Braun has 1 but has neck spasms limiting his appearances. Yes, Mark Reynolds is leading Group A with 4 long balls. This is the same Mark Reynolds who only hit 23 last season and strikesout over 200 times a season. If he holds his reign among Group A, we may see the Denver Colts closer to the top of the leader board since he is the only one trusting Mark Reynolds. Although he needs more contribution from his Group B-E players because his team only has 4 home runs…

Two last notes: Gattis is a rookie for the Braves and he made his MLB debut on Tuesday. He was the first rookie in 2013 to hit a HR in his first plate appearance (it happens more than you would think). The neat thing about this one though is that the Braves broadcast was interviewing his father at the game when it occurred. Lastly (and not home run related), Justin Masterson won his second game of the season, but even more interesting than having 2 wins as a Cleveland Indian pitcher is that both wins game against the both 2012 CY-Young winners (Price and Dickey).

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