Home Run Derby: Week 3 Recap

P0w346411Time for the HR Derby’s week in review (Sunday April 14 to Saturday April 20). You will have to pardon my tardiness as I was watching the red hot Brewers sweep the Cubs in Milwaukee.

This week’s biggest movers:

  • The PowerBombers had a strong week 3 moving up 35 places with 6 homers. He didn’t have any real bog power surges in his lineup of Cabrera/Trout/I.Davis/Pence/Plouffe, just consistency.
  • On the opposite end of week 3 was Chicks Dig The Long Ball whose team of Pujols/Kemp/Willingham/Freeman/Molina failed to hit any home runs in week 3. It doesn’t help that Freeman was on the DL and Kemp is still on the schneid.

This week’s power team:

  • Just because your team is the biggest mover doesn’t mean your team hit the most home runs that week. Just look at Mayer’s Mashers and Juuuust a bit outside. Both of their teams hit 10 homers this past week.
  • Juuuust a bit outside had a well rounded team that caught fire and doubled his home run total from 9 to 19. Braun lead his team with 3 last week. The roids are kicking in.
  • Mayer’s Mashers had help from Week 3’s home run leader Evan Longoria. Longoria has hit 4 total home runs this season, all of them came last week.

The Leaders:

  • Wahoo’s Wallbangers was still leading after week 3 with 22 homers, but is slowing down in the home run department (but Chris Carter’s strikeout department is still rapidly increasing).
  • Baseball King remained in 2nd but gained some ground and moved into a tie for first. That tie-breaker has been known to haunt a few teams in the past.
  • Mayer’s Mashers had that strong 10 home run performance which catapulted his team into 3rd
  • Juuust a bit outside had the other 10 home run performance which allowed him to move from 29th to 4th.
  • And look out for What’s $5 bucks who was our 2011 King of Cork Champion on what was one of the most epic nights in baseball history. He has moved his way into 5th place.

The Loser:

  • Only two teams were shutout in week 3, we already covered Chicks Dig The Longball‘s issues. The other team was Ice Prince Fielder whose team of Fielder/Trumbo/McCutchen/Kubel/Zobrist also failed to log a home run last week.
  • And we have a new derby doormat, BiLLy GoaT managed to get 1 home run in week 3 from Alfonso Soriano. The rest of his team was stagnant (Stanton/Kemp as a 1-2 duo doesn’t help). He may need to try to reverse the curse of the Billy Goat from two weeks ago.

On to week 4 as we quickly approach the first month crowning…

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