The Art Of Understanding Heckling

Some outfielders understand the art of heckling.

Tony Gwynn Jr is one:

Vernon Wells is another (the original story came from site that started my infatuation with the HR Derby, their site has since vanished).

Some of your fellow HR Derby competitors also shared a personal experience with heckling Vernon Wells. On a spring training trip last season, the Brewers played the Angels. Vernon Wells took his usual spot in Left Field when a bachelor party group attempted to strike up a conversation with Vernon. It went a little something along these lines over a 2 inning period:

Heckler: “Hey Vernon. Hey Vernon! Come out for drinks with us later.”
Vernon as he peers over his shoulder: “I can’t. I got a game tomorrow.”
H: “It’s going to rain. The game will be cancelled.”
V: “I still have to practice.”
H: “Practice. You don’t need practice. Practice, you want to talk about Practice. Practice…”
V: “Practice. Not a game.”
H: “It’s St. Pattys Day. Come out for shots. Everyone is Irish tonight.”
V as he looks at his forearm: “I ain’t Irish.”

I thoroughly enjoy players who understand the humor of heckling or chatting with fans. I just wish there were more of them.

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