Week Two HR Derby Recap & Early 2013 Season Surprises

Good news (maybe bad news if you hate reading the site’s posts) for 2013, The Commish will attempt to review every week of the Home Run Derby every Sunday Evening. I will recap the largest movers (good and bad) in the Derby, the leaders, the bottom feeders, and the best MLB players of the week.

This week I will also cover the early 2013 surprises, which doesn’t include the Brewers unsurprising inability to win baseball games in 2013 (although they did break their streak of only winning on Mondays today).

So let’s start:

  • The Derby leader after April 13th was (surprisingly) The Commish’s Wahoo’s Wallabangers with 17 home runs. I’m going to soak this one in while it lasts because I usually finish near the bottom of the standings at the end of every season (68th of 75 teams last year). The player that moved me from 3rd to 1st over the past week was the free swinging Chris Carter from the Astros (as a team, the Astros have 121 strikeouts already this season, the most among any team). Carter hit 4 homers last week which tied him for the most in the week with John Buck.
  • There were numerous teams after the first week of baseball with 0 long balls, but we currently have a stand alone bottom dweller… meet Joe-Boo Needs a refill. It’s not their fault that the Triple Crown winner isn’t holding up to their end of the bargain or that Kemp is completely slacking in 2013. At least their team is off the schneid this week, and that goes for all the HR derby teams.
  • The largest leap in the standings for week 2 belongs to the aptly named Sneaky Pete who sneaked his way into the Top-25 by jumping 53 places (from 74th to 21st) by going from a total of 3 to 10 home runs. He largely has Robinson Cano to thank who awoke from his winter slumber and hit 3 moon shots in the past week. Alex Rios also played his part by continuing his hot streak by tallying 4 homers in the first 2 weeks.
  • The largest drop in the standings for week 2 is owned by the Waterloo Waterboys. They started the week with 3 home runs and ended the week with 3 home runs… that’s what you call a drought. At least his team has more home runs than the Marlins and Padres have wins. Carlos Pena better return to his 2007-2009 seasons with the Rays if the Waterloo Waterboys want to compete this season.
  • The Angels are tied with the Astros in the AL West at 4 wins and 8 losses. And that’s only thanks to two consecutive wins over the Astros, one which included a walk-off two run double by Albert Pujols. On the other end, the Athletics lead the AL West at 9-4 and I think it has something to do with Reddick’s beard.
  • The Braves are 11-1. Someone needs to check Justin Upton’s bat because he already has more than 1/3 of his HR totals last season and is on pace for 95 home runs. Either that or he needs to start sharing his bat with his brother and Justin Heyward to spread the home run love all around the outfield.
  • After losing Chris Carpenter in the beginning of 2013, if you would have told me that the Cardinals would go 39 consecutive innings without allowing a run this season, I would have told you to tell me when they traded for Kershaw. But that’s exactly what the Cardinals did this past week. Sure 25 of those innings were against the Brewers who set a franchise record of 32 consecutive scoreless innings on offense. Thank you steroids for ending that streak.
  • What’s up with some of the best power hitters? Pujols finally hit 2 HR’s this season. Cabrera and Hamilton have 1. Stanton looks awful in Miami (and is now out with a bruised shoulder). Kemp/Trout/Bruce all had 0 to begin the day but Trout finally put a charge into one and collected his first homer of the season. He only has 3 more to go to catch Harper.
  • Why didn’t anyone choose John Buck in the 2013 HR Derby? He has 6 home runs and a league leading 19 RBI. Buck isn’t a new player, he’s been around the league since 2004 and recently has spent time on 5 different teams in 5 years. He’s just swinging the hot bat at the moment.
  • What’s up with some of the best starting pitchers? Matt Cain, David Price, Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and RA Dickey just to name a few that don’t have and ERA below 5.50. Halladay did get his 200th career win today (the only other active pitcher with this feat is Andy Pettite) but it was against a Marlins lineup without Stanton and Doc’s stuff looks really really really awful so far this season.
  • Did Paul Maholm and Clay Buchholz forget to check their career stats before starting in 2013? Maholm has given up 0 earned runs in 20.1 innings and has 20 k’s. He is a career 5.7 K/9IP and 4.22 ERA. I bet the Cubs wished they still had him (at least for now). And what about Buchholz. He is a career 3.85 ERA pitcher but he is looking like the Buchholz of 2010 with only 1 earned run and almost throwing a no-hitter so far in 2013.

Here’s a video of a jacket winning a fight to keep you occupied until next Sunday’s Derby Recap when your team may get a shout out.

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