Astros Concessions Just Plain Sh#$@y

After a bit of an internet fiasco, the Kings of Cork personal office is back to firing on all cylinders… something that the Houston Astros can say.

The Astros find themselves with the worst record in the American League (thankfully, Miami is worse in the National League), but somehow the organization managed to find themselves in even a crappier situation (pun intended).

Who in their right mind as a food vendor thinks its OK to take the food into the bathroom with them? I don’t care if you are about to s%$t your pants, I don’t care if some hooligans take free sno-cones from outside the restrooms, what I do care is that my food was next to the porcelain throne.

What I’m curious is how many one liners can we make from this incident. I’ll start but feel free to post your one liners below in the comments:

  • Does your sno-cone taste like crap? Because mine does.
  • Mom told me never to eat the yellow snow, but she didn’t say anything about the brown snow.
  • I didn’t think MinuteMaid park could get any crappier.
  • The Astros say ‘You are what you eat’ so no wonder why the team is so sh$#ty.
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