Revenge of the Sixth: 5th Week in Review

For those of you that missed Star Wars day due to Cinco de Mayo preperations, we bring you the 5th week of the HR Derby in review on the Revenge of the Sixth.

  • Leader – Wahoo’s Wallbangers – My team is finally stalling out as expected. Narrowly holding on to the overall lead at 36 homers, my team managed to hit 5 homers last week. But as of tonight, the wallbangers are more like warning track bangers and have managed to only hit 2 home runs in the early part of May. The shark’s are circling beneath me and its only a matter of time…
  • First Shark in line – Mayer’s Mashers (M. Mayer) – Now that Upton has stopped hitting home runs every game, Mayer’s team had 6 long balls in the last week and none of them came from J-Up. His team also has 6 in the month of May and now sits at a total of 35 during the Revenge of the Sixth. If Cabrera, Pence, or Desmond heat up, his team is first in line to overtake the throne.
  • Third place – Team Mrs. Dziedzic – (L. Dziedzic) – All hail the Matt Joyce write-in… As the only team to choose Matt Joyce in Group E, her team is enjoying the benefit of him hitting 4 home runs in the 5th week of the derby. It may be the only time she gets to enjoy that type of benefit from Joyce but with 7 homers in the past week. Sitting at a HR total of 33 and having three unique choices among the top-20, if her team gets any hotter she will be leap frogging to the top.
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  • Largest Jump – Ice Prince Fielder (M. Carapella) – Four teams gained 30+ positions in the 5th week, but the most belongs to the Ice Prince Fielder. Their team moved 35 places thanks to 11 home runs in the week. Mark Trumbo was the leader during that week with 5 jacks, while they got 3 more from their team’s captain, Prince Fielder. They have since reached the top-25 (started at 27th this week) after a very slow start in the Derby. What I’m really hoping to see is Prince Fielder to land a triple axel on home plate after a home run. Although that will never beat this home run celebration from Prince.
  • m2w143

  • Largest Fall – Hitting homers like Mark McGwire in RBI baseball (M. Parker) – Thanks to the longest team name entered in the derby, I had to do some reformatting this season (next year expect a character limit). Their team’s punishment… taking the largest fall in the 5th week of the contest. Their team failed to hit a homer in the week and subsequently fell from 41st to 79th. Although they are at a slight disadvantage with only 3 active players (Heyward and Viciedo on the DL). Time is ticking for the trade date for either one of those players, and it serves as a reminder to check the DL list at the bottom of the standings page to see when you can trade any of your injured players (if you still have your 1 time trade left).
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  • Foreshadowing Award – Geezerhawks – (P. Schultz) – This team was mentioned in the month of April review simply because of their past performances in the derby (finishing 2nd and 5th). The dynasty seemed dead at the end of April with The Geezerhawks sitting in 81st out of 94 teams. But enter week 5 and watch their team hit 9 homers and jump 33 spots up to 48th place (now up to 41st on the night). Just another sign that no one can count their team out yet. It’s still way too early.
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