Week 12: HR Derby In Review

Pardon the interruption to baseball programming while we bring you some cricket commentary on top of the baseball programming…

Now that you got your laugh for the week, we can get on to what matters. The weekly recap:

  • Jay Bruce is looking like Bruce Wayne these days. He lead all of the majors last week with SEVEN homers. And has ten this month. That’s the Group B performance 10 teams were looking for.
  • Earlier this week, Japan baseball officials publicly announced that they decided to just skip the whole HGH debacle and go straight to juicing the baseballs. That makes Matt Murton’s name (and record) a bit more diluted in the baseball world.
  • Pedro Alvarez has hit a homer in 4 straight games. Only 3 teams gambled on him in Group C this season. But that helps heal all the bruised egos from all of you who picked him as a write-in a few seasons ago. (No I will not backdate these homers to previous seasons).
  • MLB announced the beanball war of 2013 will not occur in 2014, at least not on American turf. That’s right, the 2014 MLB season is going overseas again in 2014. Not to Japan but to the land from down under. Australia will host the boxing rematch between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks on March 22nd and 23rd (I really want to go).
  • Can you believe Chris Davis was a Group E candidate a season ago?!?! Only 1 team thought he could repeat by choosing him in Group C (1 other team traded for him) and that gamble is paying HUGE dividends. He’s leading the majors with 27 (5 this past week) and has 6 more than any other player.
  • (Photo via redlegsnation.com)

    (Photo via redlegsnation.com)

  • Corn Fed Mules and Attention V-Mart Shoppers 14 and 13 spots respectively. Both have Goldy (Paul Goldschmidt) who hit 4 long balls last week and they each had one of the previously mentioned studs, Jay Bruce or Chris Davis. These teams could be in the mix the rest of the season.
  • The biggest loser of week 12 was Baseball King. They managed to fall 18 spots from 17th to 35th thanks to a big fat goose egg. Maybe Alex Rios has fallen back to Earth?
  • And finally, the June leader board and largest jump in the standings belongs to Hosminators. They jumped 23 spots from 61st to 38th thanks to Bruce Almighty and Vote Pedro Alvarez who helped their team hit 12 homers in week 12 and 27 total in the month of June. A repeat performance in week 13 will lock this team up for the crown in June.
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