Survivor 2013: July 18-19

Did you make? Did you Survive the darkest days in sports for 2013? You must have if you are reading this, but I bet it wasn’t easy.

Maybe you caught up on the Big Brother unemployment list. Maybe you caught up on what Drunk Uncle has to say. Maybe you caught up on who was left off the HR Derby selection form (and then won the MLB HR derby). Maybe you just sat back and watched the boring All-Star game on replay… over, and over, and over, just hoping for more offense.

If you made it through Wednesday than you probably at least caught up on the PGA. Which is currently back in golf’s homeland.

Yes, the two days following the MLB All-Star game are the S…L…O…W…E…S…T days in sports. But if you made it through those days, I raise my glass to you (see, that’s how I made it through… with a cold one in hand).

Here’s looking forward to a fun and exciting final 3 months of baseball and the HR Derby. The trade deadline is coming up to shake things up a bit. And someone has to dethrone Big Diehl’s Bombers from the 1st half lead (This may be the tightest race in the HR Derby at the all-star break yet. Almost 15 teams within 10 homers of the lead).

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