Cactus League Stadiums – Goodyear Ballpark

It’s time to move West. No, not literally. The move West is for the Cactus League Stadium reviews I’ve been posting the last several days. So, without further adieu, lets move to Goodyear, Arizona.

Goodyear Ballpark – Indians and Reds

Goodyear Ballpark

    This stadium is the furthest West in the Cactus League, but remember, the beauty of Cactus League is that its not as dispersed as the Grapefruit league. So even though this stadium is West of every other one, it is still only 45 minutes from the farthest stadium to the East. This allows any fan staying anywhere in the Phoenix metro area the ability to go to any stadium and see any of the 15 teams without having to spend a full day traveling or changing hotel reservations. Trust me, this is one of the biggest perk to the Cactus League.

    Goodyear Ballpark has what could be the most potential of all the stadiums in the Arizona desert. It’s in an area that can be developed for baseball and business. It’s not hidden inside a living community. It’s fairly new (built in 2009). But all of this, leaves a lot to be desired for today. There is absolutely no place close to hang out before and after the game. No food, no restaurants, no bars, no shopping, no nothing. Only baseball stadiums and a small airport. This is a huge bummer, but the idea when it was built was to be able to build all of these things around and into the park. But 5 years later and we are left wanting the same things.

    Once you get into the stadium, things aren’t so bad. It’s a newer complex that has some great amenities. The seating is comfortable around the infield. There is only one-tier with a press-box above it. Leftfield and right-center is open for grass seating and the left field scoreboard offers a nice backrest, but get their early if you plan on using it as one because those seats go fast. The stadium is large but again in the middle of nowhere. So there is very little shade other than what the press-box provides and one shader about 3/4 of the way down the leftfield foul line.

    With the stadium being so open, you would expect great views. However, they built the stadium facing away from all the mountains. Yes, this is so the sun doesn’t effect the players, but what about the fans?! We want to be amazed by the experience, not left wondering ‘what if’. There are HUGE grass areas on the concourse on both sides of the foul poles. One even has a small ball diamond for kids to play on during the game but there is little else there, which is a big waste of space. Rightfield is consumed by the beer pavilion which looks like a lot of fun and includes all you can eat food and non-alcoholic drinks.

    Ok enough about the stadium layout, you are there to watch some baseball. The stadium, overall, isn’t a bad place to watch a game. The bullpens are built into leftfield only so you can look down into them from the grass seats. Similar to Maryvale, there are only 26 rows around the entire infield. This allows every seat to be as close to the action as possible. The foul territories are somewhat large so you aren’t as close to the action as some parks but otherwise there isn’t really a bad seat in the place.

    For a place to watch baseball, it’s pretty nice. For everything else you want with baseball, there is a lot to be desired.

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