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How To Lose $100K

So there are a few things that you should know about us here at Kings of Cork.

First, if there aren’t any new posts over a period of time, you can assume one of two things:

  1. I’m making behind the scene changes for an enhanced interface for HR Derby participants.
  2. Or, it’s really nice outside and I can’t stand sitting behind my laptop

Since it’s not nice outside, you can assume the first item is in effect currently, so look for an updated interface to the HR Derby Standings soon.

Second, I really like embedding links to hilarious or amazing videos/stories that aren’t always baseball related. So be sure to click the brown text in posts to find even more entertainment.

Third, my posts are biased towards the NL Central that I love. I try to cover a wide variety of teams, but I spend most of my time watching teams in the NL and AL Central. But just because I’m a Brewer fan doesn’t mean I can’t take a good joke about their performance or certain players.

Lastly, you rarely ever see me post about anything other than baseball except at the beginning of the season and the end of the season. And these posts are usually criticizing how much I hate basketball or football taking over the sports world.

BUT… this piece of news is too good to not talk about. So, out of the baseball world and into the NCAA tournament world we go. If you didn’t know, Quicken Loans and Warren Buffet offered up a Billion dollars to anyone who picked a perfect NCAA bracket. Well obviously you can imagine how well that went this year. Not a single bracket made it out of the round of 64. None! Heck, almost 84% of the entries didn’t even make it past game 1 where Ohio State lost (I’m included).

But even though there were no perfect brackets, they were still awarding $100K to the top 20 brackets submitted. And not too surprisingly, people actually picked UConn versus Kentucky in the finals. Typically, these people are alumni’s or local fans of one of the schools. And either their spouse, kid, nephew, parents, or someone they care about went to the other school. But for one unfortunate fan, he forgot to pick the winner of tonight’s Final Game. Yes, he was in 4th place overall prior to the game. But regardless of which team wins tonight, he goes home with the same amount of money I did… $0. I wonder what happens if the game just ends in a tie because all players foul out? So maybe Corey still has a chance… I do know one thing, he will never forget to pick a champion ever again.

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