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Pirates Poker: Back-to-Back 3 of a Kind

So are you sick of instant replay yet? I’m not… Ya, I miss the animated arguments between the umpires and managers. But overall, they have been fast and making the game’s outcome more accurate of the level of play. Plus, check out their setup in New York. Could you imagine this in your FanCave with every camera angle in every park?!

But what you won’t need Instant Replay to see is the craziness that occurred in the (suspended due to rain) Reds/Pirates game on April 14th. During the game, the Pirates became only the 3rd team in MLB history to hit three sets of back-to-back home runs as a team in a single game. And there are still 3-innings left in the game.

It’s the first time the feat has been completed since 1977 and the combo of Walker/Sanchez accounted for 2 of the 3 back-to-back round trippers. To add to the home run derby in Cincinnati, the Reds have four homers of there own. So there are currently a total of 10 home runs between both teams which is almost double the amount of home runs my team has in the home run derby. Maybe I should trade out my guys for the middle of the Pirates lineup. It definitely can’t hurt my team.

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