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HR Derby: Week 2 Review

A Home Run Derby review is long over due. These are the posts that you will find from time-to-time letting you know what you may have missed if you don’t compulsively check the standings every 5 minutes like me.

But regardless which team had the best weeks thus far, no one will have had as good of a week as this kid. He’s a Junior at a High School in New York and pitched his first varsity game two weeks ago… and it was Perfect. I mean Perfect Perfect. As in, 21 straight batters that were sat down due to a strikeout (only a 7-inning game if you couldn’t do the math). What a boring day at the other 7 positions in the field. You just watched two guys play catch for 2 hours. Very impressive… he’s in good company in this accomplishment with Clayton Kershaw.

So who had some of the best and worst weeks in the 2014 HR Derby thus far??? Well, the derby has started off slow for most because the big names just seem to be waiting for warmer weather. While the teams picking some of the younger and less popular players are thriving.

The leader after week 1 was Take me Yard you 5 with 7 homers and a 13.14 AB/HR rate and lead mainly by Mark Trumbo’s and Carlo Go-Go-Gomez’s quick starts.

Their team continued to fair OK in week 2 but relinquished the top spot to LIL R and their incredible 16 HR, 13.06 AB/HR rate. Again, lead by Trumbo, their team received help from Carlos Betlran in pin stripes and Jose Abreu’s multi-HR games in the windy city. Their team also had the most home runs in week 2 with 12.

Up Up Upton-away finished week 2 with the second most in the week with 11 and managed to jump 30 spots into the #3 spot just behind Mauer Power in 2nd who’s team hit 10 homers in week 2. Up Up Upton-away is lead by Albert Pujols… wait, what?! Yes, Pujols, who has 4 homers this season. While Mauer Power is lacking power from Mauer but Bautista and Trout are making up for it.

The team that led week 2 in the most spots jumped also has the name of the team that is the hottest in the MLB right now… BrewCrew. Their team jumped 59 spots from 74th to 15th. You have to love the early weeks which allow for that big of jumps in the standings. And they owe a thank you to Braun’s 3-HR night last week (go ahead, start the cheater chant).

Nana and Me had a strong week 2 as well; jumping from 65th place all the way to 8th. That’s a 57 spot jump. Thanks again to Braun and the red hot, two mechanical knees Chase Utley.

Unfortunately, somebody has to have a bad week if teams are having a good week. And there were three of them in week 2 that laid goose eggs: Taters, Break Even, and One Less Aramark Meal for Me. But none of those teams had the worst week in the standings. Shin-Soo-Who lost 56 spots from 25th to 81st and Team Biogenesis lost 48 spots from 2nd to 50th. Both of those teams managed to only hit 1 over the fence in week 2.

Those were the major stories in the first two weeks of the HR derby. Keep a look out for the next review (hopefully it’s before the month of April is over).

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