Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 3 Derby Review

If you aren’t like me who is constantly monitoring score updates or watching multiple games with a sweet multi-screen setup in your basement, then don’t worry, I have all of your Kings of Cork Home Run Derby news over the last week wrapped up here in this small summary.

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The goal here is to get your team mentioned in the ‘Moving On Up‘ portion and not in the ‘Moving On Out’ portion of the review. And if you are lucky and I’m feeling ambitious, you may get a sweet team name icon posted if your team traveled long distances in the Standings.

Moving On Up:

    Before I review the movements in week 3 of the Home Run Derby, I’d like to point out that ESPN has finally acknowledged the existence of a baseball team in Milwaukee. That’s right, the Brewers are #1 in the ESPN Power Rankings. That may be a first… ever. So I will enjoy it while it lasts (and so should all Brewer fans).

    Back to regularly scheduled programming…
    Again, we are still early in the season so A LOT of teams are bunched up in the standings which makes it fun to look at the +/- column every day. This week there were 8 teams who managed to jump 30+ spots in the ranks and all of them had more than 6 home runs in week 3. The biggest jumps belong to … but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis and our 2011 Champion What’s 5 bucks(both +37 with 6 homers), and the largest jump in week 3 of +40 spots with 7 homers goes to Mindock’s Claim Crushers who moved from 72nd to 32nd.

    Claim Crushers

    Claim Crushers

    Their team was lead by the Cuban sensation Yoenis Cespedes with 3 homers. Prince Fielder also woke up last week with his first 2 homers, and Freddie Freeman contributed another 2 homers in Group D (maybe he was grouped too low?!). Cespedes and Freeman also contributed to “The Most Interesting Team In The World” 6 home run, +37 week.

    Ruby In The Rockies

    Ruby In The Rockies

    Even though Claim Crushers had the largest jump, they didn’t hit the most homers in week 3. There were a lot of teams that hit 6 and even 7, but only one team managed to hit 8 big flies… Ruby In The Rockies. Their team was swinging for the fences lead by Justin Morneau’s 3 homers and Albert Pujols week leading 4 homers. Pujols now sits only 2 homers away from the elite 500 HR club which would make him only the 26th player to complete this feat. He’s definitely not starting cold this April like seasons past.

Moving On Out:

    And now for the dreaded moving on out awards for week 3… Thankfully, no one moved in the wrong direction as much as our Moving On Up leader did this week. But several came close.

    Five teams were caught moving more than 30 spots in reverse. At -30 spots, Let’s do Better this year! moved from 47th to 77th. At -34 spots, The Bryce is Wright fell from 27th to 61st. At -36 spots, Keeping up with the Joneses went from 50th to 86th and Bucky Ballers (last season’s champion) went from 38th to 74th.

    But the biggest move in the red for week 3 belonged to the team of Little Easy’s. They managed to go from 33rd to 70th by collecting only a single home run this past week. Their team wasn’t the only one to only muster up a single long ball. There were 13 other teams that also tallied only a single home run including 4 of the 5 teams listed thus far. But there are always teams that manage goose eggs every week. Keeping Up with the Joneses and LutherDad accepted the home run halos this week. The halos don’t mean you are eliminated from competition but it does mean you have a large climb ahead of you.

    Looking forward to another week of baseball in April and the weather is warming up which means one thing… more home runs.

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