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May’s Must Click Links

With the weather warming up and summer in the air, The Commish’s dedicated writing time gets shorter and shorter (well, my daily sleep time is even shorter than that). And I feel like in the last few weeks there has been an abundance of articles in off-the-wall locations that I haven’t had enough time to catch them all.

So, I’ve decided to regurgitate all of them here at once. Ready for links to keep your mind off work on Friday. Then, here we go:

  • First on the list is a feel good video. I won’t even make you click a link to leave the page (unless you want to). You can watch it below:

    How cool is that?! The kids first professional baseball home run (in the minor league that is) was caught by his dad. If I’m the father, I can think of 2 options:
    1) Wrap it up and cross your kid’s name off your Christmas list early this year.
    2) Use it as blackmail for free lifetime season tickets, a house, and a Ferrari if the kid ever makes it to the Majors.
  • NY Times Upshot captures regional data from Facebook users and creates very interactive maps. Earlier this season, I stumbled upon a baseball dedicated map that actually takes fandom geography all the way down to individual zip codes. Nothing is too surprising at first glance but then you realize that there are only 26 ball teams in big bold letters at the farthest zoom. So who are the 4 missing teams… one is Toronto, so no real surprise there. But then there is no Oakland, White Sox, or Mets listed. The White Sox have the ‘largest’ areas of those 3 teams as a small pocket in south Chicago. But for as much as I love Oakland fans, this shows that they are almost non-existent. Which makes me wonder, why haven’t they moved to San Jose or somewhere else. I think I was most surprised about how large the Mariners, Rockies, and Twins kingdom spans. Granted there aren’t many teams to choose from in that area of the country. But another concerning aspect I found on this map is that every single zip code lists the top 3 teams and almost EVERY single one has the RedSox and Yankees in 2 of the top 3. Why does it seem everyone roots for the dynasties (granted the RedSox weren’t what the Yankees were in the 90’s). I mean root for the little man for once! It’s fun. The die hard fans of these fans make the games amazingly fun even though they may watch their team lose more than 50% of the time.
  • I love watching baseball. Even if it isn’t one of my teams, the game play is what I enjoy. The strategy between the two teams is like watching a dance or a suspenseful action movie. So naturally I purchase all the sports packages and one of them I need to get access to all 30 teams is Nothing like being able to stream radio audio or video of every single game out of market. Or if you are like me, you enjoy your radio announcer (Uecker!!!) more than the TV announcer so you sync MLB.TV audio with your satellite video feed (ya, I’m that kind of baseball geek). But have you ever pondered about what it might do to your mobile data plan if you wanted to watch or listen to whole games. Well, I found you the link that shows you what it will cost of your precious data plan to watch a 4 hour Yankees/Red Sox game… only about 1.5 to 5.5 GB depending on download rates. For me, that’s well out of my monthly data limit and I would hate to owe ATT the calculated $4499 in monthly overage fees. Thank goodness for hacking wifi networks!
  • I’ve professed my love to a few things in my lifetime, and fantasy baseball is one of them. I live for it every season and I finally found another blog post that shares my love of fantasy baseball and hatred to football (and why baseball fans are better than football fans). On a daily basis, you can usually find me walking around, staring at my phone, trying to read the latest player news (and usually walking into poles). It’s my chance to basically be a GM without requiring to pay out millions of dollars in player salaries. And if you want to be good at fantasy baseball, it is a daily job. Lineup changes, new acquisitions, daily injuries/scratches, etc. I enjoy trying to predict players’ abilities to play baseball and predict their upcoming trends (whether they are hot or cold). Ripping off fellow baseball fanatics in trades is a favorite pastime of mine.
  • Everyone remembers the movie ‘BASEketBall‘, right? Of course you do (heck, a few of us have even played a few baseketball games ourselves). One of the core values of the game of Baseketball was that players weren’t allowed to be traded. Therefore, every team was quote, Homegrown. So what if the MLB had similar values where players couldn’t be traded, only acquired through drafts. Well, this blogger did a phenomenal job recreating every MLB Homegrown team for active players back in 2013. Some of these lineups are AMAZING (and others are just horrendous). Could you imagine a Marlins team with Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Gonzalez, and Matt Dominguez with Stanton and Willingham in the OF. Not to mention Beckett, Jose Fernandez, and Josh Johnson as the top 3 starters. Or how about the Rangers with Encarnacion, Kinsler, Ott, Profar, and Teixeira in the IF with Chris Davis in the OF. But probably the best team… the Mariners. Fister, King Felix, Iwakuma, Morrow, and Tillman as starting pitchers is ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is their offense (specifically the OF) of Suzuki, Shin-Soo Choo, Ibanez, and Adam Jones. Oh, how about David Ortiz at DH. And then basically the current Mariner IF (Miller, Frankling, Seagar, and Ackley) with the addition of Asdrubal Cabrera. That’s crazy good and doesn’t even include A-Roid. Go check out your homegrown team (Brewer fans should avoid reading the SP rotation though).
  • Technology is crazy these days. You can basically stalk whoever you want (thanks Facebook). You can look up what relative of yours was overthrown by their minions and forced to give back their land in France (thanks You can now get instant offers, player walk-up music, and concession menus thanks to’s At the Ballpark app. What’s even better is some parks offer free seat upgrades on this app. Hello first row!
  • Apps are cool and all, but what about new data and video systems. Well, Miller Park was 1 of 3 teams that got a new data system installed this offseason to track even more statistical data online and display wicked awesome graphics. You want to know what Carlos Gomez’s top speed was while robbing Votto of a home run? You want to know how far he ran to get there? You want to know how quick his reaction time was before taking his first step? You want to know his acceleration? Done! I really hope this data is used for good and not evil. The good would use it for evaluating players performance and giving the players performance reviews in order to earn their raises like everyone else. The evil would use it to calculate how fast boyfriends jump out of the way of a foul ball instead of protecting their girlfriends.
  • Speaking of at the ball park, do you hate the fact that beers cost $500 there? Me too. But being the total cheap ass that I am, I can now plan what stadiums I need to visit to get the bang of hot dogs and beer for my buck. See, money.CNN released an interactive catalog of every team‘s home stadium and what $20 will buy you in hot dogs and beers (it even includes different beer sizes). Where am I going next? Either Arizona or Cincinnati, where you can buy 5 hot dogs and 3 fourteen oz beers for $20… want more beer, go to Arizona which has the cheapest oz of beer per dollar rate in the MLB.
  • Last on the must click link of May is to the Intentional Walk Rage Scale (IWRS) scoreboard. What is the IWRS you ask? Well, does it piss you off when your team issues a free pass to first base? Yes?! I know it does to me. There is no one that good in baseball that the odds of them getting a base hit is higher than them making an out (batting averages over 0.500 don’t exist). Well, an NBC sports analyst came up with a way to rate how bad an Intentional Walk is and how upset it should make you. It’s too complex for me to explain (so go read it at the link above) but let’s just say that when your manager walks a guy on purpose in the second inning with 2 outs and a runner on 2nd in a one run game, then you should be FURIOUS!

Only 2 full days left until we crown a winner in May of the 2014 Home Run Derby… Big Stinky is trying to run away with it late thanks to Nelson Cruz.
Stay Tuned.

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Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 8 Derby Review

Hopefully everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Yes, it’s a weekend full of beer, baseball, and burgers. But the real reason for the long weekend is to show thanks and support to all our uniformed Men and Women who have or are or will be serving our country. So Thank You to all of you.

While, it’s that time again, time for a week’s worth of baseball in 10 minutes.

Last Tuesday, May 20, a fan at a Boston Red Sox game made a Baseball Bucket List item look ridiculously easy. He’s just sitting on the third base line when a ball just happened to land in his hand that wasn’t holding his popcorn. His reaction was priceless. I can only imagine his thoughts were ‘Hey, check out this large piece of popcorn.”

Then on Thursday, a minor leaguer broke a record by hitting 5 home runs in 5 consecutive at-bats (over the course of two days). Keep that guy’s name in your memory. He may be a steal in Group E sometime soon in future Home Run Derbies.

Also on this past Thursday, Danny Worth (who?), the Detroit Tigers back up shortstop, got to pitch an inning in relief. This isn’t anything that abnormal. It’s sometimes common for teams to use position players in blowouts to conserve the team’s bullpen for later games. But what made Worth’s appearance spectacular was that he is a knuckle-baller. And it wasn’t like he was serving up meatballs to the Rangers, he was doing the exact opposite. He logged 2 strikeouts and a lone single in his 1 inning of relief, but his strikeouts made the opposing batters look silly. Leonys Martin didn’t know what to do with that last pitch.

On Saturday, another foul ball was caught in spectacular fashion, but this time it was a beer vendor and not a fan.

I just liked how all the fans in that generally vicinity erupted in applause all at once. He enjoyed it so much that I may start tipping my beer vendors with foul balls.

And lastly on Sunday, the first No-No was thrown in 2014 which means that some lucky fans got to cross off another item off of the Baseball Bucket List. It was accomplished by Josh Beckett of the LA Dodgers. What’s impressive is that Beckett didn’t win a game in all of 2013 and now here he is in 2014 being owed $17 million and looking unbeatable with a sparkling sub-3.00 ERA.

Time to review last week’s home run totals:
Moving On Up:

    There were a lot of homers hit this last week. Encarnacion hit an unbelievable 6 in the past week for Group A. George Springer (the Astro’s young phenom, no one owns him in the derby), Nelson Cruz, and Chris Davis hit 4 each. Davis actually hit 3 of his in a single game last week. These players have caused a surge for teams at the bottom of the standings since these weren’t very popular picks in their respective groups.

    Sons of Pitches, Swing and a Mrs., Sweet Swingers, and The something clevers all managed 9 total homers this week thanks to one of the three players listed above. And two of the four teams managed to be some of the biggest movers in week 8. Sons of Pitches was the biggest mover at 30 spots (from 66th to 36th) and Sweet Swingers jumped 22 spots up to 37th. Fo-tastic blasted 8 home runs and moved up 23 spots to 44th thanks to his traded player A-gon hitting 2 last week. Lastly, a pair of brothers also managed to hit 8 homers and jump almost 20 spots each. Freddie’s Smoaking Brown Trout and Don’t Plouffe in your Hanley are in 26th and 25th spots respectively with 36 total home runs. I’m sure they will have a battle royal at home to use as the tie-breaker.

Moving On Out:

    We had 5 goose eggs this week: Break Even, Home Run Kings, Let’s Do Better This Year!, California Penal League, and West Coast Useless Fools. Three of those five dropped more than 20 spots this last week with California Penal League, West Coast Useless Fools, and Mr Fluffy 3000 dropping 22 spots to the bottom half of the standings. Bucky Ballers and Let’s Do Better This Year! rounded out the worst of the worst dropping 21 and 20 spots, respectively.

One week won’t kill your chances at wearing the crown at the end of the season. But if one turns into two that turns into eight, you may want to start looking into the 2014/15 football season.

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I Saw The Sign, It Opened Up My Eyes…

Then I got a Hit!

Troy Tulowitzki is batting a ridiculous 0.521 at home in Coors Field this season. That’s cray, cray good. That’s not-from-this-planet good. That’s cheating good.

Seriously, what is wrong with baseball fans these days?! Just because an opposing player is putting up out of the normal statistics, they immediately jump to the “He’s cheating. He’s a Cheater” accusations. Yes, the San Francisco announcers jumped straight to the conclusion that Tulo must be stealing signs. Because that makes the most sense for a runner-up rookie of the year candidate and two-time silver slugger. Did anyone question Babe Ruth when the league leader in home runs went from 10 to 50+ (maybe they should have)? Did anyone accuse Nolan Ryan of cheating when he struck out 301 players in a single season?

I swear everyone thinks they are getting screwed in some way or another. And they will btch and whine to get their way or what they think they are entitled to (and probably sue somebody or everybody along the way).

At least Tulo had some fun with the accusations at tonight’s game. He changed his walk-up music to Ace of Base’s The Sign (man I loved that cassette when it came out. Go ahead take away my man card, I was 9).

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Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 7 Derby Review

This is the lightening round for derby reviews:

Moving On Up:

    The weekly HR tally to beat in week 7 was 8 homers. And three teams completed the feat. Not much to mention about Cuba Libre anymore, except their team continues to dominate the month of May (it’s a two team race right now between them and The Big Stinkey with a few dark horses trailing behind them in the month of May). Flying Aces also successfully hit 8 homers in week 7 but doesn’t have many places to move up, but they squeezed another 3 spots out with last weeks performance. And then there was Please Neglect The Balls, which I think their team successfully achieved last week by belting 8 homers also and making the largest jump in the standings. They were the only team to jump more than 20 spots by going from 63rd to 39th. Big Papi hit half of the 8 home runs for Neglect Balls and that was in only 2 games.

    Other big movers were Don’t Plouffe In Your Hanley and BeerFlies. Both teams hit 7 homers and moved up 19 spots (both moved up to around 35th place). Big Papi lead Don’t Plouffe while BeerFlies just had a strong all around team performance.

Moving On Out:

    The geese were back laying their big fat goose eggs on the scoreboard in week 7. Four of them to be exact. The proud owners of goose eggs were: I picked all Ryans so I can remember who I have, Ruby in the Rockies, Nana and Me, and BrewCrew. Three of the four teams owned the sober Ryan Braun who just got off the DL. One has a player on the DL but no other Ryan’s to select in group C. And the rest of the four teams’ players just had quiet weeks in the home run column. But quiet weeks in the HR tally usually lead to falling from the standings graces…

    Our biggest loser in week 7 was in fact BrewCrew falling from 24th to 49th (just out of the top 50% of the standings). Nana and Me wasn’t far behind dropping 21 spots from 37th to 58th. And the only other team falling more than 20 spots actually did achieve 1 tally in week 7 but Claim Crusher’s fell from 48th to 68th.

A little more than 10 days remain in the month of May before our second winner is crowned. With all the injuries floating around this season, I don’t think anyone’s team is technically eliminated yet, so hang in there.

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You’re Listening To 97.7 – Reddick’s Slow Jams

I’ve said this for years, but I will say it again… Oakland has some of the best fans in baseball.

And why wouldn’t they? Billy Beane has built a winning team from chump change and always gives the fans a competing team. But it also takes personality to become great fans.

For instance, take Ian Sagabaen… aka Greatest Sign Maker. He’s a graphic designer and diehard A’s fan. And for the past several seasons, he’s been creating some of the greatest signs anyone will ever see at a game. In fact, he’s so talented that he’s been featured several times on MLB and even had a behind the scenes look at his awesome sign making.

But it takes more than just fans like Ian to create a fan base. You need players with personality as well. Take Coco Crisp. He’s always had personality… just look at that ‘fro of hair. But what he started in Oakland turned into a crazed ritual. After a big play the Oakland players started to do the Bernie lean from weekend at Bernie’s, and the fans latched onto it and ran.

It got so popular that not only did they make an official music video (what defines ‘official’ music video anyways?), but eventually they made a Coco Crisp Bernie Lean bobblehead.

But it’s a new season so the A’s need a new character. Cue Josh Reddick, his slump, and his walk-up music.

Reddick has been bad this season. Some of you may know this because you chose him in the Home Run Derby. So, he requested his walk up music be changed hoping to spark a fire under his bat. And you know what, his bat seems to like the sweet slow jams of Wham’s “Careless Whisper”. And not only his bat, but the fans too…

He’s so red hot the last week that he is now 6-for-15 with 3 home runs and 9 rbi’s since adopting the sweet tune.
What’s crazy is even fantasy advice is recognizing this and attributing his success to the music:

My favorite part of the video highlights of his Wham walk up music is probably the fan base jamming out with him as he came to the plate again. You know the diehard fans will be downloading this song just so they can pre/post-game celebrate to it. I would guess that if you monitored song downloads carefully, you would see a big uptick in “Careless Whisper” downloads in the next week. And I bet Sean Doolittle is one of them:

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The Baseball Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list. You know, the things that you would love to do before your time on this planet is over. It could be as rare as an exotic trip to a rare place, it could be as common as seeing an ocean. It could be as adrenelane pumping as jumping from a perfectly good airplane, it could be as calming as sitting in front of a warm fireplace reading a book in the middle of uncivilized wilderness.

Me being a baseball fanatic, I thought about what would be my bucket list if it only contained baseball related items. Here is what I came up with:

  • Watch a ball game in a stadium of all the active MLB teams – Currently, there are 30 MLB teams. I have visited 9 total stadiums of different MLB teams. Two are no longer active (Old Yankee and the Metrodome). I’m hoping to knock at least 2-3 more off the list this season, but I have a long way to go before completing this one. Unlike, this guy who did all 30 stadiums in 26 days. I bow to that type of devotion.
  • Attend Spring Training – It doesn’t matter if it’s the Cactus or Grapefruit league, Spring Training is a must for any baseball fan. For an added bonus, see all 14 (or 16) teams on one Spring Training Trip. That’s only a week or so vacation if you can watch a carefully planned 7-8 games in that time frame.
  • Attend an All-Star Game – What better way to see all the great baseball players of a season than in a single game competing against each other? Add more bonus points to your bucket list if you attend the HR Derby and sit in the outfield attempting to catch one of those Gold home run balls.
  • Attend a uniform number retirement ceremony – I’ve never been to one (simply because the Brewers don’t retire numbers often), but I’ve been to a few farewell ceremonies. One I can remember was a tribute ceremony for Greg Vaughn, and it was neat to see an entire career highlighted in a single night. I can only imagine what ceremonies retiring numbers belonging to Greg Maddux, Cal Ripken, and Nolan Ryan must be like.
  • Catch a ball during an MLB game – I’ve been very close to several in my lifetime but have never felt one strike my own fingers. This is the ultimate memento to a game, and hopefully when my chance comes, there aren’t any little kids sitting around me so I don’t have to be pressured into giving it to them (or even worse, pressured into throwing it back). You get bonus bucket points for catching a home run.
  • Witness a rare statistical event – How cool would it be to watch a player hit 4+ home runs in a single game?! How many times will you see a player hit for the cycle or watch a pitcher throw 20+ strikeouts?! How unbelievable would it be to watch a no-hitter… no even better, a perfect game?!(Or two). Or watch someone break a 30-year old Home Run Record?! Or probably the most rare, watching an iron man surpass the most consecutive games played?!
  • Attend a double-header – Double-headers are a rare commodity these days. Typically it’s due to a rain out and you have to buy 2 separate tickets. If you ever find a traditional double-header requiring a single ticket, jump on the opportunity to see 2 games back-to-back.
  • Follow your favorite team through the playoffs – I’ve been to 3 playoff games and there isn’t anything close to the experience when it comes to watching a baseball game. Home or away, every single fan is watching every pitch. There are no beer runs, there are no mid-pitch potty breaks. It’s 45,000+ fans on the edge of their seat at all times. You can even get bonus points for attending their World Series run and even more if you attend the game they clinch the World Series title.
  • Get a player’s autograph – Autograph’s can be acquired 2 different ways: personally or purchased (gifted = purchased). Both are great ways to collect your favorite all-time players and remember great baseball memories. My favorite purchased autograph is a game used Jose Hernandez bat. Yes, Jose Hernandez. He is the player that got me hooked back on Brewer baseball as he was chasing the single season strikeout record as a batter. However, the memories coming from an autograph where you handed the player the pen are irreplaceable. I can still remember getting the ball from Bret Saberhagen after he threw it into the fence during warm-ups at County Stadium. Or sitting next to Mike Dunleavy and his young son and asking him to sign a baseball (this was at the Vaughn tribute game I mentioned above… crazy how memories work).
  • Brewers-2012June9_Pic6_newSit in the front row behind home plate – I had a rare opportunity to sit front row one section from directly behind home plate and I can tell you that there are no better seats to watch a ball game live. You are feet from the players and the action. You can feel every fastball. You can see every curveball. You can hear the umpire’s play-by-play. It’s an amazing spot to watch a game with all the other diehards.
  • Witness the first or last pitch in a stadium – Could you imagine being at old Yankee Stadium on the final pitch? Imagine if the grass, the outfield walls, the bases, the seats could talk… what would they tell you? Maybe they would tell you about Roger Marris hitting his 61st home run of the 1961 season. Maybe they would tell you about Mr. October hitting 3 home runs in the 1977 World Series. Maybe the story of Don Larsen throwing a perfect game in ’56 World Series. Or maybe about ‘The Pine Tar game’ when George Brett was thrown out of the game after hitting what would be the game winning home run. Or maybe about the first home run ever hit inside Yankee Stadium by none other than Babe Ruth. Could you imagine being at the first pitch of new Yankee stadium? The memories, the legacies, the players that will be going through there. Watching greats like Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter retire. Yeah, that would be cool to witness the end or start of a stadium legacy. Whether it be Fenway, Wrigley, Dodger, or even Miami’s stadium, each stadium brings their own collection of memories.
  • Make a Sportcenter Highlight – Did you catch your foul ball with a baby in one had? Did you duck for cover and let your lady friend take one off the face? Did you jump on the field to hug Jeter? Did you start the collapse of a team’s curse breaking season? Whatever you did, you got to see yourself on the big screen at home and are immortalized on your DVR forever.
  • Watch a game from an iconic seat – Everyone knows of the ‘Bartman Game’ at Wrigley. And that seat has become a popular place for a photo recreation, but what about watching an entire game from that seat. You may get to actually recreate the controversy. Several stadiums have these types of seats. There’s the Ted Williams seat at Fenway (I would even count the Green Monster as an iconic seat). Arizona has the pool out in right field. San Francisco has the chain link fence in the right field boardwalk (A kayak in McCovey Cove would be sweet as well). Colorado has the Purple Row at 1-mile high. Maybe the Western Metal Supply building at Petco Park. Or maybe the dollar Uecker Seats at Miller Park. Standing room only out in the Kauffman water fountains. I’m sure I’m missing some others but my bucket list would probably contain games from the top of the Green Monster or in a kayak in McCovey Cove.
  • Throw out the first pitch – I can’t even imagine… but if a robot, dinosaur, wookie, and bigfoot can do it, why can’t I have a shot?!

So what did I miss? What’s on your baseball bucket list (or already crossed off your bucket list)?

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Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 6 Derby Review

It’s Deja YU all over again. At least to make him feel better, MLB overturned a score ruling so the No-No was officially broken up in the 7th inning and no longer the 9th inning. It’s still unbelievable that he has already had three close calls with destiny since being in the big leagues only 3 seasons. It’s only a matter of time before he completes one of the two biggest accomplishments for a starting pitcher.

Moving On Up:

    Up, Up, Up-ton Away Wins Month of April

    Up, Up, Up-ton Away Wins Month of April

    First, congratulations again to Up, Up, Up-ton Away for winning the first month of the HR derby with 31 dingers. We didn’t even need to go to the tie-breaker for crowning them the Kings of April.

    But that was April, and now we are on to May. And our current leader on the 14th day of the Month of May is Cuba AWESOME Libre with 16 round trippers. Mainly thanks to the amazing Abreu and already having 5 home runs this month and his 15 overall makes him the 8th player ever to hit that many in their first 50 games (along the likes of Pujols, Braun, and McGwire). Cespedes and Puig have almost already doubled their total home runs this month as well for Cuba Libre.

    Reviewing Week 6, our biggest mover is Deja Vu from week 3… it’s … but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis once again with a 26 spot jump from 55th to 29th. Thanks to 9 total home runs led by Beltre’s and Cespedes’ 3 home runs last week. Close to being the top spot in week 6 was Keeping Up With The Joneses moving 25 spots from 59th to 34th also with 9 total home runs. But their team is riding a waking giant.

    ... but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis leads week 6 movers

    … but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis leads week 6 movers

    Miguel Cabrera had 3 home runs last week along with Adam Jones.

Moving On Out:

    Congratulations there were no teams with goose eggs in the HR column in week 6. There were 8 teams that managed only a single tally but most of the team names are really, really, really long and I’m too lazy to copy and paste them all in. Ok, just for the point of shaming them in week6, I’ll do it. Dawg Pound, The Bryce is Wright, JoseyWales, Yeah, and he scrambled the son of a bitch, Scott’s Jogging Shorts, I picked all Ryans so I can remember who I have, Cheaters Might Prosper, Sons of Pitches are the guilty parties for forgetting that chicks dig the long ball.

    Two of those eight teams also managed to be our biggest movers to the bottom of the ranks. Sons of Pitches went from 44th to 68th dropping 24 spots. And Cheaters Might Prosper might need to start cheating again because they dropped from 50th to 73rd or 23 spots in the wrong direction.

On to week 7, and remember… CUBA LIBRE!!!

Jeter’s Farewell Gift Baskets


Team Jeter’s Gifts Rivera’s Gifts
Astros: Golf Clubs, Cowboy Hat, Custom Pinstripe Boots Rivera Collage Painting
Angels: Pinstripe Paddleboard Oil Painting
Brewers: Bronze bat, $10k to Jeter’s Charity No visit to Milwaukee
Mets: Framed Subway Tiles, $22.222K to charity Mounted Callbox and Fire Nozzle
Cubs: #2 from Wrigley Scoreboard No visit to Wrigley
WhiteSox: Bat/Base Bench, SS Dirt, $5K to charity Framed Scorecard, 9/11 Collage, $4.2K to charity
Mariners: Kingsdome Seat&Base, Gold Watch, $5K to charity $5K to Charity
A’s: Custom Bottle of Cabernet, $10K to Charity, Dinner/Hotel Stay Surfboard, Custom Bottle of White Wine
Twins: Last 2B at Metrodome, $10K to Charity Broken Bat Rocking Chair, $10K to Charity
Indians: Pinstripe Les Paul, LEGO artwork Metallica’s ‘Sandman’ Gold Record
Reds: Framed Larken/Concepcion Jerseys No visit to Great American
Rangers: Pinstripe Boots, GW Bush Photo, $10K to Charity Cowboy Hat, Boots, $$$ to Charity
Cardinals: Musial Cuff Links, $10K to Charity No visit to Busch
Royals: $10K to Charity Donation to foundation
Tigers: Framed Print, Stadium Seats, $5K to Charity Plaque with dirt from both Tiger stadiums
Blue Jays: Ski trip to Canada, $10K to Charity Inuit Sculpture, $10K to Charity
Yankees: Italy trip, $222K to charity, Waterford Crystal, All-Star game patches, Massage machine ‘Sandman’ Live, Willie Mays Metallica Guitar, Rivera Watercolor, Custom Speaker Cabinet, Waterford Crystal, Framed 42 print, Bat rocking chair, $100K to charity

I’ve been traveling a lot lately which hasn’t allowed me to post interesting baseball related news lately.

But I’ll try to make it up to you by posting this hilarious video of Ichiro impersonators in Los Angeles this week imitating Ichiro’s every move in the stands.

Now that I’ve gained your attention back, some of my travels have taken me to see the Derek Jeter farewell tour. I traveled to the great city of Milwaukee to do some tailgating with family and Yankee friends and to watch the Brewers take 2 out of 3 games (I was hoping to see Tanaka pitch but missed his start by a day). We were really hoping to be a part of Jeter’s farewell tour since this is his last stop in Milwaukee before he retires after 20 seasons with the Yankees.

As typical farewell tours have gone recently (Mariano Rivera and Chipper Jones) when the player comes through the stadium for his final game, the home team presents him with a small parting gift. I think my favorite gift in recent years has been the Twins gift to Mariano, “The chair of broken dreams” (a rocking chair made up of bats that Mariano’s cutters have broke).

Jeter has taken his tour through 3 stadiums so far and here is his current collection of gifts (compared to what Rivera got):

Team Jeter’s Gifts Rivera’s Gifts
Houston Astros: Golf Clubs, Cowboy Hat, Custom Pinstripe Boots Rivera Collage Painting
Los Angeles Angels: Pinstripe Paddleboard Oil Painting
Milwaukee Brewers: Bronze bat, $10k to Jeter’s Charity No visit to Milwaukee

I really wish a team would give him a patented ‘Jeter Gift Basket‘. At least give it to him as a gag gift…

If you are interested in all of Jeter’s goodbye presents, I’ll pin this post to the site’s menu bar and keep the Jeter gift list as up-to-date as possible. So check back often on Yankee road trips.

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