I Saw The Sign, It Opened Up My Eyes…

Then I got a Hit!

Troy Tulowitzki is batting a ridiculous 0.521 at home in Coors Field this season. That’s cray, cray good. That’s not-from-this-planet good. That’s cheating good.

Seriously, what is wrong with baseball fans these days?! Just because an opposing player is putting up out of the normal statistics, they immediately jump to the “He’s cheating. He’s a Cheater” accusations. Yes, the San Francisco announcers jumped straight to the conclusion that Tulo must be stealing signs. Because that makes the most sense for a runner-up rookie of the year candidate and two-time silver slugger. Did anyone question Babe Ruth when the league leader in home runs went from 10 to 50+ (maybe they should have)? Did anyone accuse Nolan Ryan of cheating when he struck out 301 players in a single season?

I swear everyone thinks they are getting screwed in some way or another. And they will btch and whine to get their way or what they think they are entitled to (and probably sue somebody or everybody along the way).

At least Tulo had some fun with the accusations at tonight’s game. He changed his walk-up music to Ace of Base’s The Sign (man I loved that cassette when it came out. Go ahead take away my man card, I was 9).

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