Jeter’s Farewell Gift Baskets


Team Jeter’s Gifts Rivera’s Gifts
Astros: Golf Clubs, Cowboy Hat, Custom Pinstripe Boots Rivera Collage Painting
Angels: Pinstripe Paddleboard Oil Painting
Brewers: Bronze bat, $10k to Jeter’s Charity No visit to Milwaukee
Mets: Framed Subway Tiles, $22.222K to charity Mounted Callbox and Fire Nozzle
Cubs: #2 from Wrigley Scoreboard No visit to Wrigley
WhiteSox: Bat/Base Bench, SS Dirt, $5K to charity Framed Scorecard, 9/11 Collage, $4.2K to charity
Mariners: Kingsdome Seat&Base, Gold Watch, $5K to charity $5K to Charity
A’s: Custom Bottle of Cabernet, $10K to Charity, Dinner/Hotel Stay Surfboard, Custom Bottle of White Wine
Twins: Last 2B at Metrodome, $10K to Charity Broken Bat Rocking Chair, $10K to Charity
Indians: Pinstripe Les Paul, LEGO artwork Metallica’s ‘Sandman’ Gold Record
Reds: Framed Larken/Concepcion Jerseys No visit to Great American
Rangers: Pinstripe Boots, GW Bush Photo, $10K to Charity Cowboy Hat, Boots, $$$ to Charity
Cardinals: Musial Cuff Links, $10K to Charity No visit to Busch
Royals: $10K to Charity Donation to foundation
Tigers: Framed Print, Stadium Seats, $5K to Charity Plaque with dirt from both Tiger stadiums
Blue Jays: Ski trip to Canada, $10K to Charity Inuit Sculpture, $10K to Charity
Yankees: Italy trip, $222K to charity, Waterford Crystal, All-Star game patches, Massage machine ‘Sandman’ Live, Willie Mays Metallica Guitar, Rivera Watercolor, Custom Speaker Cabinet, Waterford Crystal, Framed 42 print, Bat rocking chair, $100K to charity

I’ve been traveling a lot lately which hasn’t allowed me to post interesting baseball related news lately.

But I’ll try to make it up to you by posting this hilarious video of Ichiro impersonators in Los Angeles this week imitating Ichiro’s every move in the stands.

Now that I’ve gained your attention back, some of my travels have taken me to see the Derek Jeter farewell tour. I traveled to the great city of Milwaukee to do some tailgating with family and Yankee friends and to watch the Brewers take 2 out of 3 games (I was hoping to see Tanaka pitch but missed his start by a day). We were really hoping to be a part of Jeter’s farewell tour since this is his last stop in Milwaukee before he retires after 20 seasons with the Yankees.

As typical farewell tours have gone recently (Mariano Rivera and Chipper Jones) when the player comes through the stadium for his final game, the home team presents him with a small parting gift. I think my favorite gift in recent years has been the Twins gift to Mariano, “The chair of broken dreams” (a rocking chair made up of bats that Mariano’s cutters have broke).

Jeter has taken his tour through 3 stadiums so far and here is his current collection of gifts (compared to what Rivera got):

Team Jeter’s Gifts Rivera’s Gifts
Houston Astros: Golf Clubs, Cowboy Hat, Custom Pinstripe Boots Rivera Collage Painting
Los Angeles Angels: Pinstripe Paddleboard Oil Painting
Milwaukee Brewers: Bronze bat, $10k to Jeter’s Charity No visit to Milwaukee

I really wish a team would give him a patented ‘Jeter Gift Basket‘. At least give it to him as a gag gift…

If you are interested in all of Jeter’s goodbye presents, I’ll pin this post to the site’s menu bar and keep the Jeter gift list as up-to-date as possible. So check back often on Yankee road trips.

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