Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 6 Derby Review

It’s Deja YU all over again. At least to make him feel better, MLB overturned a score ruling so the No-No was officially broken up in the 7th inning and no longer the 9th inning. It’s still unbelievable that he has already had three close calls with destiny since being in the big leagues only 3 seasons. It’s only a matter of time before he completes one of the two biggest accomplishments for a starting pitcher.

Moving On Up:

    Up, Up, Up-ton Away Wins Month of April

    Up, Up, Up-ton Away Wins Month of April

    First, congratulations again to Up, Up, Up-ton Away for winning the first month of the HR derby with 31 dingers. We didn’t even need to go to the tie-breaker for crowning them the Kings of April.

    But that was April, and now we are on to May. And our current leader on the 14th day of the Month of May is Cuba AWESOME Libre with 16 round trippers. Mainly thanks to the amazing Abreu and already having 5 home runs this month and his 15 overall makes him the 8th player ever to hit that many in their first 50 games (along the likes of Pujols, Braun, and McGwire). Cespedes and Puig have almost already doubled their total home runs this month as well for Cuba Libre.

    Reviewing Week 6, our biggest mover is Deja Vu from week 3… it’s … but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis once again with a 26 spot jump from 55th to 29th. Thanks to 9 total home runs led by Beltre’s and Cespedes’ 3 home runs last week. Close to being the top spot in week 6 was Keeping Up With The Joneses moving 25 spots from 59th to 34th also with 9 total home runs. But their team is riding a waking giant.

    ... but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis leads week 6 movers

    … but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis leads week 6 movers

    Miguel Cabrera had 3 home runs last week along with Adam Jones.

Moving On Out:

    Congratulations there were no teams with goose eggs in the HR column in week 6. There were 8 teams that managed only a single tally but most of the team names are really, really, really long and I’m too lazy to copy and paste them all in. Ok, just for the point of shaming them in week6, I’ll do it. Dawg Pound, The Bryce is Wright, JoseyWales, Yeah, and he scrambled the son of a bitch, Scott’s Jogging Shorts, I picked all Ryans so I can remember who I have, Cheaters Might Prosper, Sons of Pitches are the guilty parties for forgetting that chicks dig the long ball.

    Two of those eight teams also managed to be our biggest movers to the bottom of the ranks. Sons of Pitches went from 44th to 68th dropping 24 spots. And Cheaters Might Prosper might need to start cheating again because they dropped from 50th to 73rd or 23 spots in the wrong direction.

On to week 7, and remember… CUBA LIBRE!!!

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