Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 7 Derby Review

This is the lightening round for derby reviews:

Moving On Up:

    The weekly HR tally to beat in week 7 was 8 homers. And three teams completed the feat. Not much to mention about Cuba Libre anymore, except their team continues to dominate the month of May (it’s a two team race right now between them and The Big Stinkey with a few dark horses trailing behind them in the month of May). Flying Aces also successfully hit 8 homers in week 7 but doesn’t have many places to move up, but they squeezed another 3 spots out with last weeks performance. And then there was Please Neglect The Balls, which I think their team successfully achieved last week by belting 8 homers also and making the largest jump in the standings. They were the only team to jump more than 20 spots by going from 63rd to 39th. Big Papi hit half of the 8 home runs for Neglect Balls and that was in only 2 games.

    Other big movers were Don’t Plouffe In Your Hanley and BeerFlies. Both teams hit 7 homers and moved up 19 spots (both moved up to around 35th place). Big Papi lead Don’t Plouffe while BeerFlies just had a strong all around team performance.

Moving On Out:

    The geese were back laying their big fat goose eggs on the scoreboard in week 7. Four of them to be exact. The proud owners of goose eggs were: I picked all Ryans so I can remember who I have, Ruby in the Rockies, Nana and Me, and BrewCrew. Three of the four teams owned the sober Ryan Braun who just got off the DL. One has a player on the DL but no other Ryan’s to select in group C. And the rest of the four teams’ players just had quiet weeks in the home run column. But quiet weeks in the HR tally usually lead to falling from the standings graces…

    Our biggest loser in week 7 was in fact BrewCrew falling from 24th to 49th (just out of the top 50% of the standings). Nana and Me wasn’t far behind dropping 21 spots from 37th to 58th. And the only other team falling more than 20 spots actually did achieve 1 tally in week 7 but Claim Crusher’s fell from 48th to 68th.

A little more than 10 days remain in the month of May before our second winner is crowned. With all the injuries floating around this season, I don’t think anyone’s team is technically eliminated yet, so hang in there.

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