Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 9 Derby Review

I’ve heard of broken bat singles but never broken bat swinging strikes…

This is a special installment of ‘Pack Your Bags’ as you get your usually weekly dose but also a monthly recap as an added bonus.
Moving On Up:

    Month of May:
    The second month is behind us and what a month it was. Someone needs to call 911 in Toronto (or whatever their emergency number is) because E-squared, aka Edwin Encarnacion, is on fire!!! He swatted 16 homers in May including 12 in the last 16 days of the month. Nelson Cruz wasn’t far behind with 13 homers in May. There are only 6 teams that benefited from one of these players and 0 teams that had both. So it’s a pretty safe bet on which teams finished with the most homers in May. Of the 6 teams that chose one of these guys, 5 of them finished in the top-10 of May (the only one to miss out on top-to finished in 11th). And in fact, the top-3 in the month of May have Cruz.
    What started as a Big Stinky vs Cuba Libre swing off, ended with neither of them wearing the crown in May. No they didn’t choke a big lead or stall out, they finished 2nd and 4th, respectively. But instead they were overtaken by a manager that is well past her due date (Upton Girl amazingly has JJ Hardy who has 0 home runs this season but she’s in 5th overall) and by a manager (The something clevers) that scrambled together to hit 4 home runs on the final day of May to take the win in the month. Even more impressive than their last day’s performance in May is the fact that The something clevers was in 90th overall place after April. 90TH!!!! Their team had a total of 9 home runs in the first 30+ days of the season, but then managed to hit 33 in the next 31 days of baseball and jumped all the way to 23rd. A jump of 67 spots. This has me feeling a bit of deja vu from the 2012 season when the team finishing last in April won the whole shebang.
    Who else moved a bunch of spots in May??? The Philly Phanatic jumped almost 59 spots (49) from 65th to the top-20 (16th) with a consistent all-around performance from their team. The last two teams to jump at least 40 spots in the last month were Shin-Soo-Who? and Don’t Plouffe on your Hanley. They both jumped to the top-20 line (21st and 18th) and hit 28 and 26 home runs with also well rounded teams.
    Week 9:
    Want a week 9 recap? Sure you do. I have to acknowledge The something clevers yet again as they may have had the most impressive weekly performance yet. Capped off by that 4-hr last day in May, their team hit 14 homers last week. That catapulted them 43 spots to the top spot in the month and 23rd overall. They almost had double the home runs of the next highest weekly movers. That feat belongs to Little Easy’s who was the next closest to topping 20 spots moved in the week at 19. Their team managed to hit 8 homers led by Rizzo and Cabrera last week. Upton Girl was the only other team to hit double digit homers with 10. There were 5 teams that hit 9 homers and 3 of them already resided in the top-10 (Erickson, Flying Aces, and Kettle Poppers). The other two, Dangling Minnow and Philly Phanatic, now reside in the top-15.

Moving On Out:

    Month of May:
    Not everyone can be a winner. In order to have winners, we need some losers. And in May there were 3 teams that struggled to get off the bench. LIL R went from almost the very top (2nd overall in April) to falling 40 spots to 42nd overall with only 7 home runs in May. The 7 home run total also earned LIL R the fewest home runs in the month. However, two Brewer fan based teams were the biggest movers in reverse for May. BrewCrew fell 51 spots to 68th place and Nana and Me fell 53 spots to 76th. Both teams had Braun and Gomez, both of whom sat on the disabled list for half the month. One of them had Ugly Uggla and the other has the no-power Cano. Both of those players need to find their power stroke if these two teams wan’t to compete in any of the future months (or they need to hope they get injured).
    Week 9:
    Again I have to highlight a monthly leader in the weekly review. LIL R was one of three teams to lay the golden goose egg for week 9. Suppansticious and one of our previous winners, What’s 5 bucks?, were the other two teams. Unfortunately, both of those teams were already low enough in the overall standings that LIL R also took home the biggest mover award dropping 21 spots. There were 4 other teams that moved more than 15 spots in reverse: Jo Boo Needs ANOTHER Refill (18), Big City Walk Offs (18), HomeRunKings (17), and BeerFlies (16). Probably the biggest disappointment among that group goes to BeerFlies. Their team was contending for the overall lead in the month of May and they managed to only hit 2 homers in the final week which left them barely in the top-20 for the month.

Kicked to the Curb

    Something new I am going to start reporting about are team trades. They are all captured in the standings but because they all happen behind the scenes via contact from and to The Commish, I figured that everyone might want a weekly recap of who’s cheating trading in their dirty jocks for fresh ones. Now there were no trades this week but get ready for a plethora of transactions in Week 10 because Beltran, Votto, and Fielder are all coming up on their trade date. I will be cashing in Fielder for someone that has a neck in one piece.
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