Six Years And Counting

I’m happy to announce that the Kings of Cork Home Run Derby is back for the 6th straight year. And it’s amazing to me to look back and see where we came from. What started as a close family/friendly wager with less than 40 people has turned into almost 100 people from all over the US and even a few from around the world. I like to think that everyone keeps coming back for the low cost fun, the easy to understand rules, and the camaraderie.

So with that, I’m pleased to announce that the 2015 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby player groups have been released and the competition’s registration is officially open. Feel free to to submit an entry at anytime over the next several weeks as the registration will remain open until March 29th at Midnight. If you submit your entry early and want to change it, that is completely acceptable. Just drop me an email with what you want to change.

The reason I like to publish the groups and entry form so early are for those die hard fans that like to travel down south and watch their favorite players during Spring Training. It allows them to maybe bribe their team’s players or simply scout their team’s players. So don’t feel rushed that you have to submit your entry today because I will send plenty of reminders via email over the next month (you will receive the emails as long as you are a previous participant or on the email list).

Thanks for checking in and thanks to the returning players. Enjoy the soon to be coming Spring weather which also brings the return of baseball.

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