Spring Training Is Here

Finally! The cold weather has broke. The snow is melting. And I can here the cracks of wooden bats in the far distance (the TV amplifies the sound a bit).

Unless a last minute free airfare deal pops up, this year will be the first time in the last 4 that I haven’t made it to the Cactus League. Instead, I may just put on my shorts and sandals. Grab some beer. Plug in the heat lamps. Spray paint my grass green. And listen to some streaming baseball.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Seriously, stop reading this post right now. Go over to your favorite travel site. And look for flights to either Phoenix or Florida. You won’t regret it.

Spring training seems more popular than ever. Seems like everyone around me is going this year compared to not knowing anyone going in past years and having to explain what, where, and why I was going to the desert.

Well, after you have bought your airfare to Phoenix, come back here and check out my previous reviews of the Cactus League stadiums so you know which games to attend.

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