How About A May Update… Near The End Of May

You can tell the weather is warming up… Lawn mowers are roaring, birds are chirping, more hitters are hitting homers, and my updates are more spread apart. I’ve been slacking in the update department. And now it’s almost the end of May and you are finally getting the announcement of the April Winner.

Well, that April Winner was Keep Trying. Their team ended up hitting 46 homers in the month of April (and a few days in March)… 46!!! That is the most any team has ever hit in a single month since we have gone to monthly payouts. The previous record was 45 in May of 2015. Followed by 43 as the 2nd most, which is incredible because there were 5 total teams (including the winner) that hit 43 or more this April.

Each of those teams had either Yelich in Group C or Bellinger in Group B. None of the Top-5 teams had both. There are 2 teams that own both of the MLB HR “leaders”, Too High? and Fran-tastic Five. Both sit comfortably in the top-20, one in the top-10.

Several teams have tried to catch on to the early fire that Pete Alonso sparked. He is available as a write-in and currently leads Group E with 16 homers (although, no team has credit for all 16 of them).

The month of May seems to have cooled off some of the hot starts by certain players. But one thing hasn’t changed, Group A is still a full blown Hospital wing. Judge is still on the IL, Stanton just started a rehab assignment, Khris Davis is headed to the IL tonight, and Nelson Cruz is on the IL. If you didn’t select one of those players, consider yourself lucky and cross your fingers that Group A is done with the injury bug.

The current leader in the month of May is Claim Crushers with 30 homers. They currently sit in the top-5 overall standings as well. Just behind them in May and the Overall standings is The 20 Somethings Have It. They have 26 in the month of May and sit in 5th in the Overall Standings. Such a clever name and riding the wave of young players with an average team age of 26. In case you didn’t know, they say that hitters break out at 27yrs old. Chicks Dig The Long Ball is just in front of The 20 Somethings Have It and it may lead to a domestic disbute depending on how the month ends. And in 2nd for the month of May thus far is I found myself a homer, a first time participant and making a run at a monthly payout.

Speaking of payouts, I have finalized the payout structure again for 2019. Head over to the Rules page to check it out. I will flight the payouts again to make the lengthy season fun for all, but it still pays to finish in the top-10.

That’s all for now. I’ll post another one shortly about fun things that happened in the past month of baseball. Some pretty good links coming your way, so be on the lookout.

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3 Responses
  1. The Commish says:

    This was an error in the live updating scripts. You are correct and live standings have been adjusted. I am going through each players stat line this week and verify the official standings. I will send out official results this weekend (hopefully).

  2. rick fraaza says:

    Doesn’t Kris Davis of Oakland have 23 home runs instead of 19?

  3. rick fraaza says:

    doesnt kris davis of oakland have 23 home runs instead of 19?