Home Run Derby Standings

Click HERE for a list of the players who hit home runs today
Standings will update about every 30 minutes via page refresh.
If the standings are missing data, please wait a few minutes before refreshing the standings page.

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These are the unofficial standings.
Official standings are kept offline by the commissioner.
Teams denoted with *(year)* are previous season champions.

Detailed Team View

Detailed Team Comparisons are available by selecting teams from the standings above.

  • To select and compare multiple teams, hold the ‘ctrl’ key down while selecting teams.
  • You can compare up to 5 teams plus the Home Run Derby All-Star Team.
  • If you had chosen the All-Star Team group of players, you would be sitting with a large
    comfortable lead atop the Home Run Derby leader board.

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Home Run Derby DL

Players on this list for 14 consecutive days may be traded for any other player in their Home Run Derby Group
If you selected a player on this list for the 2021 HR derby, you may want to consider trading that player for a player
in the same group by contacting The Commish using the Contact page with the players you would like to change.

(The date next to each player is the projected 15th day without a plate appearance and is the first date the player may be traded)

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