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The Home Run Derby Is Back For 2016


Wow, that was a great winter hibernation. Let me log in here to the World Wide Web and see whats been going on in the baseball world…. WHAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!?!

  • The Cubs purchased away Lackey and Heyward from the Cardinals?!
  • The Yankees added Aroldis Chapman to an already elite pair of closers?!
  • The Diamondbacks are buying big names?!
  • The Giants are stocking up on pitching again for their normal even years World Series?!
  • The Padres cleaned house after going bankrupt in 2015?!
  • The Brewers have traded away every starting player in 2015 except 1 OF, their 2B, their Catcher (yet), and 3 SP?!

It’s going to be a loooooong summer for ma and all other Brewer fans…

Well, at least I have the 2016 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby to look forward to!!!

That’s right we are back for our 7th season. Rules are the same. Pick a total of 5 guys from the predetermined groups, and if your team hits the most home runs combined, you are crowned THE King/Queen of Cork! All you have to do is go here and click the submit button (deadline is March 27th).

I’m excited to be hosting the contest yet again and can’t wait for the sounds of the cracking bats, the smells of the grills, and the tastes of the $10 beers. This may be the only baseball I look forward to as I watch the Brewers lose 100 games in order to rebuild. How many of you will join me?

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True Life: I’m A Sub .500 Fan

Originally Posted July 2, 2010:

Cue the entry audio to MTV’s True Life.

Fans come in all different sorts of intoxicating personalities. We all know of the Fair Weather Fan. They join the party after the party has already started. They jump on the band wagon after the wagon has made its 100th winning stop. They can tell you the time they watched their team win the 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000 World Series, but not their rosters.

Then there are the Casual Fans. They can tell you the big three on the team, but they can’t name who the starting catcher is. Or who replaced the struggling superstar closer. Or who filled in for the team’s famous broadcaster when he was out for heart surgery.

I think more annoying than casual fans are Homer Fans. These fans, no matter how pathetic their team is playing, still think their team is God’s gift to Earth and there losing season is to blame on this guy. You can’t even confront these fans about their team without receiving a reaction like this.

But let’s face it, the greatest type of fans are the DieHard Fans. No matter what they are doing, they will drop everything for a chance to watch their team play. No matter their team’s performance, they are behind them 110% for the entire season and off-season. They don’t just sit and agree with the GM’s moves, they analyze, criticize, and scrutinize all the moves and makes their voice heard.

I would like to encourage everyone to at least be a diehard fan for one season (of course, please assess the situation… marriage and family should still be top priority, by a small margin). Follow a team, any team, pick a new team, any sport, and follow each and every play as if it were their last.

The greatest moment in a sports fan life is to follow your team to the championship from the beginning when their record was 0-0 and watching them win it all… But, winning isn’t just about bringing home the bling. Sometimes, winning is just about making it to the championship, just barely making it into the playoffs, just finishing above 0.500 for the first time in 12 years. I can honestly say that following a losing team for years as a diehard fan pays the biggest dividends in the end. Some fans have never seen a losing season (the last Yankees losing season: 1992. Yankee fans under 21 years of age definitely can’t remember that). Some have only seen losing seasons. The diehard that sticks through sub 0.500 winning percentages from their team year after year get butterflies in their stomach when their team is even competing for a wild card spot (some fans look at contending for the wild card a losing season). Welcome to my life as a Brewers fan since the late 80’s.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
If you root for the following teams year after year despite finishing in the red, you have earned your badge which gives you access to the greatest circle of fans in the baseball community.

Baltimore Orioles / St. Louis Browns / 1901 Milwaukee Brewers
For the Rest of the Story: Follow the Jump…

Quick Hits: April 9

Things that I noticed in the first few days of the baseball season:

  • Wrigley Field was a shit show Opening Day
  • Sonny Gray looked fantastic taking a no-no into the 8th
  • Who do Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez think they are? Two homers each on Opening Day
  • Rain or Shine, Cubs weren’t playing on Tuesday because of Opening Day shit show
  • Mat Latos got rocked by the rebuilding Braves. 7 Runs in 0.2 innings. Could be a long season for the Marlins
  • Brett Lawrie defied Moneyball. He scored a Golden Sombrero by striking out 4 times on Tuesday while only seeing 12 pitches… That’s called patience
  • Adrian Gonzalez looked like a Padres again with 3-homers in Wednesdays game
  • Cubs and Cards played a barn burner on Wednesday. 2-0 Cubs win with 5 total hits in the entire game
  • Tigers have scored 22 runs in 3 games. Think they have something to prove in the AL Central this season
  • Billy Hamilton is really fast. Really, really fast. He has 7 stolen bases already. Thats a pace of 370+ for the season
  • Not to be out done by Lawrie, Evan Gattis has 2 golden sombreros this season… and in back-to-back games
  • ARod is back! Hit HR #655 on Thursday
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Lock In Luc

A line has just been drawn into the diamond. I have no idea how this hasn’t gone viral yet so I decided to upload the Milwaukee advertisement myself (hence the poor sound quality)… until the copyright police come knocking.

Edit: Thanks to the video below, the baseball blogosphere has blown up and the video advertising has gone viral. MLB has finally published the actual video. (There is also a great video advertising for Carlos Gomez.)

The Milwaukee Brewers have announced their battle cry. When will the Cardinals rebut (they probably won’t because it’s not the “Cardinal Way“)?

Seriously, this is one of my pet peeves about All-Star voting by the fans. All it is is a popularity contest. Take almost any position and the “best” player at that position in 2014 probably isn’t leading it. The AL is far worse than the NL which makes me again think that NL fans are smarter than AL fans. Wieters leads catchers in the AL and he is on the DL. Cano and Cabrera are great right side of the infield guys but what about Encarnacion and Dozier? They are the elite in that category so far this season. In the NL, Puig will always make the All-Star game from here on out (same with Trout in the AL). So guys like Carlos Gomez and Charlie Blackmon will miss out on deserving All-Star game starts. David Wright is having a down year and Aramis Ramirez hasn’t been healthy enough to prove himself. But both of them are in the top-4 and the best 3B is the NL in 2014 (Todd Fraizer) isn’t even worth mentioning in the latest poll totals.

But back to the video above, Lucroy isn’t in the lead in All-Star balloting for NL catchers. He isn’t even second. Molina owns the top spot followed by Posey. Don’t get me wrong, both are amazing catchers. But are they the best in 2014? Lucroy is at least 60 points higher than both in OBP and more than 160 points higher than both in OPS. Offense isn’t everything, but Lucroy also has the highest Defensive Wins Above Replacement (DWAR) among the three by 0.6 according to ESPN stats.

Let’s end the madness of fans voting in the starters. Let the players and managers take care of that. The fans can vote for the backup and bench players. That’s where the popularity winners belong when compared to the season’s best.

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Off-Season Outlook

Well, it’s finally November. And there is no baseball to watch… wait, what is this?! The Arizona Fall League is being televised with expanded replay on the MLB network. Baseball isn’t dead yet.

This also means that I may have baseball thoughts and comments that require me sharing with the entire world (because I know all of you care what I have to say). And I’m going to start with teams and players to pay attention to this off-season.

  • First, go over to MLB Trade Rumors and sign up for your favorite team’s message alerts. You can get tweets, text messages, rss feeds, apps, what ever you want. I use the text messaging service through twitter and it’s awesome. Every time some one breathes the name ‘Brewers’ in a player acquisition rumor, I know within 1 minute. Here’s a link on how to use the site to its max. And while you are on the MLB Trade Rumor site, make sure you sign up for the yearly free agent prediction contest. You only have to try and predict where the top 50 free agents go this off-season… super easy.
  • Now, where to start concentrating your off-season energy. I would recommend monitoring the actions of the St. Louis Cardinals. One thing everyone saw in 2013 was the depth of their pitching. Lance Lynn, Wacha, Shelby Miller, Rosenthal, Carlos Martinez, and Joe Kelly are just the common names at the moment. They have a ton of options in pitching and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them shipped out for a SS or an outfielder. Kozma isn’t bad but he’s not great. And I don’t see them keeping Beltran roaming the OF. Craig needs to shift to RF. Matt Adams needs to play 1B. I see the Cardinals as one of the few teams with a lot of big trade chips already at the professional level caliber required to play today.
  • The next team I am going to be watching is the LA Dodgers. Why? Because they have the money. The Yankees are no longer the big spenders of the MLB. The Dodgers ownership are the ones emptying their pockets (banks will give loans to anyone these days). They have already signed a Cuban sensation at 2B this off-season, so they won’t be in on the Cano dealings. But their OF is very crowded and I see them adding some big names to their starting rotation (not that their rotation isn’t already filled with big names). One being the sensation from Japan, Masahiro Tanaka, who just pitched a regular season record at 24-0 and pitched a complete game at 160 pitches in the playoffs.
  • There are some big name free agents but there really is only 1 real big name that I think is going anywhere new… and his name isn’t Cano or Granderson. Where will Jacoby Ellsbury end up?! One idea is a team I already mentioned, the Cardinals. Sure, they already have Jon Jay, but it’s Jon Jay. I already talked about how the Cardinals have plenty of prospects but this is a guy they can sign without having to give any of them up. They can then save those trade chips for a SS. The other team that that I would guess could own Ellsbury in 2014 is the Seattle Mariners. I hope the Mariners land him because I would love to see the Mariners return to stardom and the playoffs and they have the pitching staff in place but need a spark on offense.
  • Another name I’m excited to watch is David Price. I know, I know, he isn’t a free agent, but he’s about to make a lot of money and TB doesn’t pay anybody because they are so good with the talent they find for cheap. Where will Price go? Definitely to the West Coast. More specifically, Los Angeles. I will put the Dodgers at the front but the Angels should be in the discussion on Price as well. I just think the Dodgers have the money and the prospects available. Could you imagine a Kershaw, Greinke, Price, Ryu, and Tanaka rotation? You may get to see it in reality in 2014.
  • Lastly, as much as I’m sick of it, the A-rod vs MLB case. Yes, I’m sick of this whole thing but this is actually getting entertaining. I mean, this hearing is turning into a good ol’ fashioned mud-slinging political he-said-she-said debate. Check out this link to the New York Times story that summarizes what’s happening in the case when it’s on hold until November 11th. This whole thing is currently a bash session with key terms of ‘MLB’, ‘A-Rod’, ‘leaks’, ‘spying’, and ‘Bosch’. I just can’t wait for the rulings because it’s going to destroy the loser. Whether its A-rod or the MLB organization, this is like watching a train wreck because we just can’t turn away.
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How Do You Spell Lohse


It feels like we just hopped in the local Tyme Machine and are visiting the Kings of Cork website in 2010. Or this is Deja-vu seeing two consecutive articles featuring the name Suppan.

So what’s all this Suppan talk about today? The Brewers just signed Kyle Lohse. At first glance, every Brewer fan is saying ‘Awesome, we need starting pitching… bad.’ After closer examination (and comparison), Brewer fan’s might be spelling Lohse ‘S-U-P-P-A-N’ by the end of the season.

Let’s run some numbers (it’s what geeks like us do):

  1. Suppan was signed by the Brewers in 2007 for 4 years at $42M. Lohse was signed today by the Brewers for 3 years at $33M.
    1. Suppan played for the Cardinals in 2006. Lohse played for the Cardinals in 2012.
  2. Suppan had a career 4.70 ERA. Lohse has a career 4.44 ERA.
    1. Suppan ended his Cardinal career with his two best seasons (4.12 and 3.57 ERA). Lohse ended his Cardinal career with his two best seasons (3.39 and 2.86 ERA).
    2. Suppan had a 4.95 ERA for all his seasons as a Brewer.
  3. Suppan had a career 4.92 K/9IP. Lohse has a career 5.66 K/9IP.
    1. Suppan had a 5.16 K/9IP for the Cardinals. Lohse had a 5.63 K/9IP for the Cardinals.
    2. Suppan had a 4.66 K/9IP for all his seasons as a Brewer.
  4. Suppan had a career 1.19 HR/9IP. Lohse has a career 1.07 HR/9IP.
    1. Suppan had a 1.10 HR/9IP for the Cardinals. Lohse had a 0.87 HR/9IP for the Cardinals.
    2. Suppan had a 1.20 HR/9IP for all his seasons as a Brewer.
  5. Suppan had a career 10.06 H/9IP. Lohse has a career 9.75 H/9IP.
    1. Suppan had a 9.52 H/9IP for the Cardinals. Lohse had a 9.29 H/9IP for the Cardinals.
    2. Suppan had a 10.85 H/9IP for all his seasons as a Brewer.

Just when my blood pressure was beginning to lower during the Brewers starting rotation (relief pitching is a different story), the Brewers organization signed another player whose name is spelled ‘S-U-P-P-A-N’ on the back of his jersey.

History does appear to be repeating itself… just a little too soon for Brewer fans.

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All In The Family

The 2012 MLB draft has come to an end… all 40 rounds and 1238 picks. With that many picks, you may want to shuffle through the drafted players list to see if you or a long lost relative is on his way to the Bigs. (I found our month of May HR Derby winner, The Wet Bats’ relative at pick 1141).

While one of your relatives may not have been drafted, a few teams decided to draft their manager’s offspring. It may just be one of the perks of their managerial contract:

  • #785 Lance Roenicke (Brewers) – A 5th year senior Outfielder at Santa Barbara, Lance hit 0.310 with 35 RBI in his senior year. Sure he was drafted in the 25th round, but Lance still has a shot at some day making the big league club. And if he does, it would be the first time that his father would have ever coached for him (assuming Ron is still the Brewer skipper and Lance gets called up by the Brewers).
  • #1184 Rustin Sveum (Cubs) – The Cubs drafted their manager’s high school son in the 39th round. He’s a 6-foot pitcher from Scottsdale Arizona. After being drafted, his father’s said “He better not sign. He better go to college.” Hopefully, he can develop as an all-around ball player at Dixie State University in Utah. Otherwise, he may never get another shot at signing a big league contract.
  • #720 Tate Matheny (Cardinals) – The Cardinals decided to just draft all of their managers’ sons by taking 4 total players in the draft related to some managerial position. The most intriguing player would be the main skipper’s son. Tate is a high school senior planning to go to Missouri State. In his Senior year, he hit 0.610 with 10 doubles, 11 triples, and 11 homers with 51 RBI. That’s a pretty impressive line and now he will be faced with a Billy Beane type of decision. To sign or not to sign… that is the question.
  • #1173 Cameron Gibson (D-Backs) – Don’t get your hopes up Diamondback fans, Cameron (the son of Kirk) isn’t headed to the major leagues. He’s already committed to playing baseball for Michigan State where his father played. The odds look favorable for a re-draft of Gibson but most likely by his father’s ex-big league club… the Tigers.
  • #612 Ryan Ripken (Orioles) – This is the only anomaly to the rest of the draft picks. Cal Ripken Jr isn’t the Orioles manger… yet. The ‘Iron Man’ has reportedly said that he would consider coming back to the Orioles full-time when his son graduates high school. Well, now is son (Ryan) has and he has been drafted by the Orioles. Maybe this has the making of bringing Cal into a management role with the Oriole organization. Odds are that Ryan won’t sign with the Orioles and instaed go play for the two-time defending national champion Gamecocks.

My guess is that Roenicke is the only player to sign an offer letter while the rest pursue college.

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Get Me Out To The Baaall Game

Here’s something to read/watch to keep you sane on your nine-hour layover.

So who’s sick of the MLB blackout policy? Probably only a select group of you. Most of said group is probably located in Iowa, Western Illinois, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Arkansas. These areas have the most blacked out teams. Take Arkansas and Oklahoma, residents can’t watch games from the Cardinals, Royals, Houston, or Texas. Now if one of those teams have a local network deal, they would have the ability to watch that team. Then you have Iowa, residents here are blacked out from the Twins, Brewers, Cubs, White Sox, Royals, and Cardinals. What does the MLB expect… they want to force Iowans to drive 5-6 hours in any direction to watch a live baseball game? Ridiculous. At least residents can watch the Cubs in their ‘rebuilding’ years on WGN.

One plus (if it can be called that) to being stuck in an area with multiple markets, you get the opportunity to watch the marketing departments duke it out in advertising. It seems obvious that the best marketing departments are these teams in the multiple team markets. Take a look below at some of the Kings of Cork favorites from the 2012 campaign (I think the Cardinals not only won the World Series, but their Marketing Department mopped the floors with the rest of baseball’s marketing).

Those aren’t all of the 2012 MLB commercials but IMO, they are some of the best. But if you disagree, link me to some of the others (from 2012) that you believe should be on this list. We will gladly add them to the list.

Inside The Acquisition’s Stadiums: Albert Pujols

Pujols new look

Pujols may have gotten $254 Million, but he didn’t get $900 Trillion.

The Cardinal organization sold their souls their World Series rings for a first round compensation pick. And the Angels just bought themselves two World Series caliber players (Pujols/CJ Wilson) for a combined $330 Million. Hopefully they enjoy paying a 42-year old DH the remainder of a 10-year $254 Million contract to sit in a hospital bed waiting for a hip transplant. It’s not my job to judge but I think the Angels just made a $100 Million mistake. Pujols is a stud right now but I can’t imagine the Angels break even in 6 years for what they are paying him at that time. Not to mention the $1 Million per year the 10 years after that, the suites, and the numerous bonuses.

Lets take a look at the two teams involved in this huge off-season acquisition (3rd highest in history, only behind A-rod’s two previous deals):

  • What did the Angels buy?

The Angels just bought a team to try and reclaim the American League west of the Mississippi. Tired of missing the playoffs, the Angles paid big bucks to steal today’s best player from the Cardinals and then steal a division rival’s star starting pitcher, CJ Wilson (who will be covered in a later post). The 10-year $240 million deal is completely back loaded. Meaning, Pujols will make most of his money in the latter years of this contract. In fact, he is making $4 Million less in 2012 than he did in 2011. But he also worked out bonuses for reaching baseball milestones (3000 hits, 763 homeruns, etc) and winning awards (MVP, All-star selection, etc). There are other perks when he retires. This deal will be a great deal for the Angels for the next 4 season or so while Pujols is still raking with 35+ HR, 0.300+BA, and 100+RBI. But, I still think this goes down as one of the worst deals in MLB history. Simply for the fact that Pujols will be 42 when the deal expires and making $30 Million. That much cash for a DH who will be well past is prime is $28 Million too much. I foresee a $100 Million fallout in 6-years where someone picks up Pujols for cheap while the Angels are still paying him.

  • What to do when you have three 1B: Pujols/Trumbo/Morales

Unlike having three yearbook photos rejected, the Angles have three 1B that could start for most teams. And that translates to RBI’s for Pujols. Pujols will be the starting 1B and most likely be batting 3rd in front of Morales and Hunter giving him plenty of protection to see better pitches. I would only expect his HR, RBI, and BA to increase this season. It also means that Trumbo and Morales need to find new positions. Rumors are Trumbo will start at 3B, Morales will fill the DH role, and Bobby Abreu will be forced to the logjam of an outfield. With 5 players left on the roster fighting for an everyday position, two of the following Bourjos/Wells/Hunter/Abreu/Trout will be without a starting position with the Angels.

  • Meet Mark Trumbo, a new and very valuable multi-position player

Trumbo was a pleasant surprise in 2011 with 29HR and 87RBI after Kendry Morales was unable to play after his 2010 freak accident. Trumbo was almost my write-in for the Home Run Derby and now he finds himself in Group C for the 2012 Home Run Derby. He was the Angels 2011 starting 1B and presumably the 2012 before Pujols was signed. With nowhere to play, the Angels organization is committed to starting Trumbo at 3B this season to keep his bat in the lineup and Morales starting at DH. This basically means that Bobby Abreu’s bags are packed but doesn’t have a known destination. Trumbo will have 1B and 3B eligibility and should be on your radar as a valuable fantasy source. Plus, if he fails at 3B defensively, he may gain OF eligibility throughout the year. He should maintain similar stats to his 2011 season assuming he is an everyday player and he bats in the 7th spot of the order. I think he’s undervalued at a ranking around the 220-230 range.

Too Many Angels In The Outfield

  • Where does this leave Mike Trout

There are too many Angels in the Outfield in 2012. With Vernon Wells signed for $21 Million (one of the worst contracts in history) and Torii Hunter making $18 Million (and still producing), there really is only 1 “cheap” outfield position for the Angels. Peter Bourjous claims the last spot in CF simply because he can actually cover the vast area required by the CF. What this means is that the aging Bobby Abreu is homeless on the Angels lineup. And I’m not sure how the Angels deal him for a gain. Now we come to Mike Trout. He is a young stud prospect who is ranked as the #3 overall prospect in the MLB. This kid can flat out rake and run. He’s hit over 0.300 every season and has stolen over 30 bases the past 2 seasons in minor ball. He has potential to have a 20HR/30SB season when getting regular playing time. The problem is… the Angels have nowhere to play him. Either they have to bench $21 Million or find a way to off-load such a bad contract (refer to this article in 2017, Pujols will be the next Vernon Wells contract for the Angels). What this means to your fantasy team… monitor Mike Trout’s playing time and performance in spring training this season and the status of Vernon Wells’ playing time throughout the season. If there is any small rumor about Trout grabbing a starting spot in the outfield, pick Trout up and stash him. He is worth a bench spot. Or hope that Morales doesn’t bounce back. The Angels may have to put Wells at DH and Trout in the OF.

  • What happens to Berkman’s and Holliday’s values

What would Starsky be without Hutch? What would Sherlock be without Watson? They would be like Holliday and Berkman without Pujols… average. Seriously, Pujols made these two players better. Opposing teams had to pitch to these two due to the fear that Pujols created. With that fear removed, Holliday will be pitched around and opposing pitchers will take their chances with the aging ‘Big Puma’. Holliday won’t hit over 25HR and will collect less than 100RBI. While Berkman regresses back towards his 2010 numbers (I’ll guess 22HR and 85RBI). I hope Cardinal fans enjoy pitching duels because that’s about all they will be seeing in 2012.

  • The St Louis pitching staff just became more valuable

Losing the biggest bat in the Cardinals’ lineup has one benefit to the fantasy world… the Cardinals bullpen is going to be more valuable. With less offense, Cardinal games will be much closer leading to more save opportunities and holds (hopefully less marry-go-rounds in the later innings with La Russa gone as well). So keep an eye on the closer status of the Cardinals, right now it’s Chris Motte. On the opposite end of the pitching staff, the Cardinal starters just became more valuable to the Cardinals, but not to fantasy owners. If the Cardinals are going to contend in 2012, it all comes down to their starting pitching (Carpenter/Wainwright/Lohse/Garcia/Westbrook). Carpenter (as much as I hate him) will put up his typical polished numbers. Wainwright has a lot to prove coming off of Tommy John, but I would take a flyer on him in any fantasy league. Lohse was great in the regular season, but wore down in the postseason and I don’t see him having a sub-4.00 ERA this year. Garcia could only pitch at home (2.55 ERA at home, 4.61 ERA on the road) and I see his home numbers looking more like his road in 2012. And Westbrook isn’t anything special. With less offense behind them, I see all of the Cardinals’ starters decreasing in Wins and with the pressure on their shoulders in close games, their ERA and WHIP will also increase. I would only trust Carpenter and Wainwright on my fantasy teams.

  • Does St Louis have a shot at defending their 2011 title?

With no replacement to Pujols in the lineup, the St Louis Cardinals will be depending on their pitching staff in 2012. And to be honest, the starting rotation doesn’t really wow me. Unless they sign Roy Oswalt, the starting rotation has 2 mediocre pitchers on the back and their ace is coming off Tommy John. If Wainwright is rusty or doesn’t return back to his pre-surgery form, the Cardinals will be in a large world of hurt. Not to mention losing probably one of the best skippers of all-time (Tony La Russa) and one of the best pitching coaches in the league today (Dave Duncan), the Cardinals will be chasing at least the revamped Cincinnati Reds for most of the season.

In Summary, what does this mean to you:
– Pujols numbers will be better than last season, go get him.
– Trumbo gains fantasy value by gaining 3B and possibly OF eligibility. Undervalued at rank 220+.
– Morales still holds 1B eligibility and could rake in the clean-up spot if healthy.
– Trout needs an injury or a $21 Million bench spot to find playing time in 2012.
– Angels pitchers will achieve more wins with more offensive help.
– Cardinals offense will struggle resulting to less wins by Cardinals pitching.
– Cardinal relievers will have more save opportunities than 2011.
– Berkman will produce more like his 2010 stats and not his 2011 stats.
– Holliday will see an increase in walks and be pitched around.
– Angels will regret the 10 year deal in 5 to 6 years.

Stay tuned for the next guest of Inside the Acquisition’s Stadiums: Jose Reyes

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Welcome Back To The World Series Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton was America’s poster child in 2008, had an injury plagued year in 2009, and a bounce back year in 2010. He came into game 6 of the World Series going 3 for 19 at-bats in the first 5 games and 0 home runs in 65 postseason at-bats. But with every World Series game, there is a chance for a new hero… and it looks like Josh Hamilton signed up for that role in game 6.

After the first 6 or 7 innings, I thought I was watching the Little League World Series. A total of 5 errors, the fans watched a dropped fly ball in shallow left, an easy can of corn falling out of the third basemen Freese’s glove, 2 over throws, and a pitcher forgetting to step on first base. I expected Colby Lewis’s father to come out of the dugout and try to calm him down.

Then the 8th and 9th inning came and the Cardinals unleashed another comeback. One strike away from winning the franchise’s first World Series and no other than David Freese (the Brewer’s nemesis) hits a game tying triple. Freese has just been clutch in this Postseason. But that only set the stage for Josh Hamilton’s heroics. Update: Freese is Missourian for “Clutch”.

After overcoming a drug addiction and almost losing his dream of playing professional baseball, Josh Hamilton delivered what would be a game saving 2-run home run in the top of the 10th inning (just before one of the most dramatic bottom of the 10th’s in World Series history).

As long as the sun doesn’t come up with Hamilton at the plate, we got to the 11th, all tied up at 9 after Fat Elvis Big Puma Lance Berkman’s game tying single. Hamilton may get a chance to deliver some heroics again.

Update: Instead it’s David Freese who may have locked up an MVP with the game tying triple in the 9th with 2 strikes and the game winning home run in the 11th (pending the outcome of game 7 of course). The Rangers came within 1 strike of winning the World Series twice. I would have to imagine that there was chaos in the Rangers locker room as champagne and tarps were rapidly removed after the 9th, 10th, and 11th innings.

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